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Viili Yogurt Starter

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Viili Yogurt Starter

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Product Review (submitted on February 25, 2011):

I have only mader a couple of batches of this yogurt so far. Both batches have consistent flavor. It is mild but still has a slight sour yogurt taste. I used it to make smoothies, tsatsiki and eating by itself. It worked nice for all. The only thing I don't care for is that my yogurt is quite runny. I am using raw milk but follow the directions exactly as stated so that shouldn't be an issue. The only other thing I wonder about is the temperature. I keep it in the oven with the light on. It is very, very cold here (about (-5F to -15F) and we keep our houseat about 62F during the night. I use whole milk and have even mixed in an extra 20% cream so it isn't the milk. I will keep checking to see if I can figure it out because I would really like a moderately thick yogurt, not something that is bordering on liquid. (CFH NOTE: The oven with the light on might be a little too warm for the Viili culture to set up properly. Some customers with cold houses have found it useful to get a "seedling mat" from a nursery or garden store. Those are thin heating pads that you can set the yogurt on, and it will keep the temperature at a little over 70 degrees.)

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