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Filmjolk Yogurt Starter

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Filmjolk Yogurt Starter

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Product Review (submitted on March 22, 2011):

I really agonized which cultures to try first. My youngest loves yogurt and was eating a large container of it each week all by herself. I was buying large ones because individual servings weren't very cost-effective with as much as she was eating. She was 5 when this was the case.

Last summer, I got some fil mjolk culture here. It cultured easily, and even though it was not the same as the Greek yogurt she'd been eating, she loved it! It's a bit like drinkable yogurt. She started drinking around a quart of it a day, all by herself! I usually put honey in it or berries, or a little flavored stevia drops.

Mid-summer, my fridge died, and I lost my starter culture. My older daughter, 11, cleaned up the kitchen afterwards and I thought I'd lost my powdered culture as well.

We tried piima and fiili for my younger daughter, but she really wasn't very enthusiastic about them.

Last week, when looking through some rarely-used cannisters, I found the other half of the dried powder starter! Tonight I'm starting the pure starter. My 6-year-old is looking forward to having her fil mjolk again by this time tomorrow. Had our fridge not died, I'm sure the original pure starter would still be going strong.

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