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Yogurt Starter

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  • Greek Yogurt Starter Culture

    Greek Yogurt Starter

    A reusable heirloom-variety yogurt starter, our Traditional Greek yogurt culture makes a slightly tangy, rich, and decadent homemade yogurt. Use with a yogurt maker or similar appliance.

  • Bulgarian Yogurt Starter Culture

    Bulgarian Yogurt Starter

    A reusable heirloom-variety yogurt starter, Bulgarian yogurt is perhaps one of the most popular yogurt varieties in the world and produces a rich creamy homemade yogurt, perfect for the home yogurt-making appliance.

  • Viili Yogurt Starter Culture

    Viili Yogurt Starter

    A reusable heirloom-variety yogurt starter originating in Finland, Viili is a mild yogurt and can be made at room temperature (no yogurt maker required). Our most popular yogurt culture!


26 Item(s)

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Make yogurt at home using a yogurt starter! At Cultures for Health, we offer 9 varieties of yogurt starter to choose from including heirloom varieties, direct-set cultures, and starter for making dairy-free yogurt.

Our yogurt starters can be used with cow milk, goat milk, raw milk, coconut milk, soy milk, rice milk, and various nut milks although the final results in terms of thickness of the yogurt may vary.

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Choosing a Yogurt Starter

Yogurt starters come in many different varieties, and all of them contain probiotic bacteria. Depending on the type of yogurt starter you select, the flavor, consistency and texture of the resulting yogurt will vary.

You can learn more about how to choose a yogurt starter here.

Read more about the various kinds of yogurt starters we offer below, and shop for your yogurt starter today!

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