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Ischia Sourdough Starter

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Ischia Sourdough Starter

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Our Ischia Sourdough Starter originated on the island of Ischia, off the Gulf of Naples in Italy. Ischia tends to be more tart than our other sourdough starter cultures if allowed to proof longer.  Try it in these favorite recipes: Sourdough Burger BunsSourdough Banana BreadSourdough Muffins, and more!

  • Each box contains 1 packet of dehydrated Ischia Sourdough Starter Culture.
  • Store in a cool, dry place until ready to activate.
  • Activate using white flour and unchlorinated, unfluoridated water (bottled spring water).
  • Sourdough starters culture at room temperature, 70-85ºF. 
  • Our Ischia Sourdough Starter is easy to use and maintain. Feed daily for frequent use or weekly, if baking infrequently.
  • Instructions for using this starter are included and can be found here.
  • Having trouble activating your sourdough starter? Browse our Sourdough Troubleshooting Articles or contact us for assistance.


Ischia Sourdough Starter Instructions and Troubleshooting


Ischia Sourdough Starter Ingredients

  • Organic white wheat flour, live active cultures
  • This product contains no GMO ingredients.


Ischia Sourdough Starter Allergen Information

  • Manufactured in a facility that produces products made with gluten and dairy.
  • Non-GMO


Ischia Sourdough Starter Shipping Information and Shelf-life

Our Ischia Sourdough Starter Culture is shipped in a barrier-sealed packet as a dehydrated culture. The starter is best if stored:

  • At room temperature (68° to 78°F): 12 months
  • In the refrigerator (40° to 45°F): 12+ months
  • In the freezer (0° to 25°F): 12+ months


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Questions on Ischia Sourdough Starter

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  • From Chris at 7/3/2013 7:01 AM
    • Hi,

      can you send the starter to europe?

      What the shipping charges will be ?

    • I'm sorry, we do not currently ship individual orders outside the United States and Canada. Please see the map for resellers in Europe:
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  • From Aislinn at 5/9/2013 1:00 AM
    • The description says this is shelf-stable, but I got a "perishable" alert when I ordered. Does this need to be kept in the fridge until use?
    • The sourdough starters are dried for safe shipping and can be stored at room temperature for 3 to 4 weeks. We recommend freezing the starters to extend the shelf life to about 12 months.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Pg709 at 9/7/2012 9:25 PM
    • Is there any yeast in your sourdough starters?
    • Our sourdough starters include the wild yeast from the various regions where the starters originated. We do not add any yeast to them.
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Customer Reviews

Easy and vigorous, with great taste Review by Matt F

Received the box in the mail, with instructions, and went out looking for a container to keep it on the countertop while it got started. Wound up with a 7-cup Pyrex bowl with vented lid, thinking "this will obviously be big enough."

Fed the starter for the first several days as recommended, going a little heavier than the half cup proportions recommended. By the fourth day, little bubbles had turned into doubling in volume. By the sixth day, doubling had turned to tripling, and I made the basic bread recipe. By the eighth day, I had made a second batch, and tripling had turned to pushing the lid of the container, so it was time to go into the refrigerator. A week later now, transferred to a big canning jar in the refrigerator, I'm still "burping" the starter as it doubles and triples in volume over a few days.

Your mileage may vary, obviously, but I'm using refrigerator-door filtered water and organic all-purpose flour to feed, and some bread flour in the batches for baking, and I can punch down twice and still get oven spring out of a well-kneaded mass. With a proper autolyse the flavor is lightly sour and ... rounded, in ways commercial yeast doesn't provide. It gets stronger with the bread flour. I can get a more neutral taste on short rises, and I'm still experimenting with how much classic sour taste I can get the culture to produce.

At the price, it'd be expensive to do this twice if I killed my starter, but now that I'm making bread it pays for itself.

(Posted on 3/3/2015)

Wonderful product Review by Daisy

The starter worked like a charm and I am going to order some for my daughter as well.

(Posted on 2/19/2015)

Great product and service Review by Anna

The starter arrived on time, and was easy to activate following the instrucciones.

(Posted on 12/25/2014)

Does what is says! Review by AmberH

I've followed the instructions to a 'T' and was so pleased and excited when I came down one morning to see that my starter was happily bubbling away to itself! I had a bit of confusion about growing the fresh sourdough starter, but happily Cultures for Health have an amazing CS and got back to me within hours with a detailed explanation. Currently awaiting my first loaves!

(Posted on 2/17/2014)

Excellent sandwich loaf Review by Travis W

This culture makes a great sourdough sandwich loaf! Our starter rises very quickly, and is even somewhat active while "dormant" in the refrigerator. We typically let the loaf rise for approximately 12 hours, then punch it down a second time and let it rise for another four hours. We have baked these loafs multiple times and they never come out too sour.

(Posted on 5/5/2013)

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