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Milk Kefir Starter Kit

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Milk Kefir Starter Kit

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Product Review (submitted on March 28, 2013):

This is a great value--especially because all of a sudden it's almost impossible to get plastic strainers anywhere; it's all cheapo aluminum, or the price is astronomical for stainless steel.
The grains were MUCH smaller than I expected, so I was a bit nervous as I mixed them (my 4-year old had fun with helping'baby kefirs'to wake up, by the way)in organic whole milk, covered them with a coffee filter and set them up by my little Zojirushi water heater in the kitchen so they get a nice and cozy spot to wake up in. In 24 hours, the first milk soured nicely and had a good, wild taste, but was totally runny. I wasn't too worried by then, figured the grains were working, so strained the babies and added to the second batch of milk, and waited another 24 hours.
By yesterday afternoon I actually had kefir... The smell was very clean and just as I remembered it from my childhood in Hungary where you could get this wonderful thing in little pots at the grocery store. I started to increase the amount of the milk a bit and am looking forward to when I'll have a whole quart every day to drink and make smoothies with. My daughter loves kefir drinks I found at our local health store, but it tends to get VERY pricey. This will save us money plus it's fun to do--we are caring for something truly alive.

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