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Milk Kefir Starter Kit

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Milk Kefir Starter Kit

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Product Review (submitted on January 31, 2014):

I was excited about making kefir for myself, I have always enjoyed the store product, and looked forward to the personal benefits. I purchased organic skim milk, found it very difficult to locate a plastic strainer of any substantial size, so I recommend purchasing it when purchasing the grains.
I worked with the kefir grains for a few months, but never achieved the cauliflower sized grains that one could fish out with their hands, as shown in the video. Mine always looked like cottage cheese in the strainer. The milk also never got thick, like the store brands. If I left it to thicken further, the kefir would separate into curds & whey. I found it difficult pacing its growth. It's winter right now, and for the most part the house is at 68-70*, but some days were very warm, or much colder. The kefir would sometimes set quickly and I wouldn't be home, so then I would try holding the grains over in the frig and then leaving it out for overnight, which proved not to be enough time, which meant the grains came to fruition while I was at work, again. I tried increasing the amount of milk I was using, thinking my grains were many, even if small sized. I tried cutting back the amount of milk, thinking I could get it to set in a shorter amount of time. Eventually it came to the grains would start floating on top, and no kefir had set at all. I gave up. I purchased a second set of grains, but feel that until I figure out what I am doing incorrectly there is no point. This makes me sad.

Response from CFH: Please contact customer support for troubleshooting advice. Minor adjustments in temperature and culturing time can improve the texture and flavor of the final product.