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Sprouting Seeds

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  • Protein Powerhouse Sprouts Seeds Mix

    Organic Protein Powerhouse Sprouts Seeds Mix

    A mix of organic Adzuki, Garbanzo, Mung and Green Pea seeds pack a protein punch!

  • Organic Garbanzo Bean Sprouting Seeds

    Organic Garbanzo Sprouting Seeds

    Tasty, crunchy, nutty garbanzo beans make amazing sprouts for hummus, soups, stews, and more!

  • 22 Item(s)

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    Organic sprouting seeds have been around for more than 5,000 years. Today, organic sprouts and organic sprouting seeds are considered “super foods” due to their dense nutrient content. Besides this, organic sprouting seeds are economical and easy to grow.

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    At Cultures for Health, we offer a wide variety of organic sprouting seeds including Organic Alfalfa Sprout Seeds, Organic Broccoli Sprout Seeds, Organic Red Clover Sprout Seeds and more! Click on the individual images above to learn more about each of our organic sprouting seeds and seed mixes.

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