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Whole Wheat Sourdough Starter

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Whole Wheat Sourdough Starter

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Product Review (submitted on December 5, 2013):

This starter never worked for me. The company was very kind and actually sent me tons of information and even a free extra starter to replace the original one I bought...so great customer service...but to no avail. First time, I tried it with the oven light. After numerous days it still wasn't working, so I figured it must be because the over light was too hot. Second try, I left it above the fridge in a room that was 69 degrees F. The starter is said to work only in 70-75 degrees...so perhaps that's where I went wrong. However, I've made wild yeast starter in this temperature and it worked more than fine. Everything else I did was exactly following directions. The Desem starter didn't bubble at all for me...it was like the "anti-starter". After probably 10-15 days of trying, it started to develop an off smell. So basically, be aware that it might not work if your conditions aren't absolutely perfect.

Response from CFH: The Desem Starter should culture well at 68-85ºF. We are always happy to troubleshoot and help resolve any issues.