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Removing Milk Kefir Grains from Finished Kefir


After milk kefir is finished culturing, the next step is to remove the grains. But how?

3 Ways to Remove Grains from Finished Milk Kefir

  • Use a plastic mesh strainer. Sometimes milk kefir can be a bit thick. If necessary, you can use a silicone spatula or plastic spoon (in a swirling motion) to help work the kefir through the strainer. Stainless steel can be used if necessary; just be sure it's stainless steel and not a reactive metal.  
  • Use your fingers. As your milk kefir grains grow in size, you may choose to remove the kefir grains by hand. Make sure your hands are very clean and well rinsed, and do not use anti-bacterial soap.
  • Pour the kefir out into a shallow bowl, making the grains easier to see. Using a plastic or wooden spoon, scoop the grains out. Once the grains have been removed, pour the finished kefir into a container.


For over-thickened kefir, our Straining Over-Thickened Kefir article is helpful.


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Milk kefir grains in green bowl

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