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Pickle Pipe for Wide Mouth Jars - Fermentation Airlock - 3 Pack

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The Pickle Pipe makes fermenting vegetables easier than ever! Keeping oxygen out of fermenting vegetables is crucial, but you also need to allow carbon dioxide to escape to prevent jars from rupturing. If you don't want to deal with water airlocks, this is the airlock for you. It's self-sealing, waterless, one-piece and made of silicone.

  • Each box includes 3 waterless, self sealing, one-piece fermentation airlocks.
  • The one-way valve design vents off gas created during fermentation, without allowing oxygen to enter the jar.
  • Works with any wide-mouth mason jar and band (band not included)
  • Materials: Made of Silicone | BPA and Phtalate Free
  • Care: Clean before each use | Dishwasher Safe | Ensure Pickle Pipe is dry before storing.
  • Enjoy ferments without the need to burp your jars!


Instructions for Use:

  • Before the first use, pinch the tip of the valve on the Pickle Pipe to separate the opening (You only need to do this before the first use, then never again.)
  • During fermentation, the valve may expand and contract. This is normal as carbon dioxide pressure builds up and is released. We don't recommend ever pinching the pipe manually to release pressure.


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5 Reviews For "Pickle Pipe for Wide Mouth Jars - Fermentation Airlock - 3 Pack"

  1. Easy, stress free way to ferment

    by Heather S on 08 Thu,2016


    Super easy alternative to valves, special caps, big crocks etc. I like to ferment in qt. jar batches so these work great. I have 3 jars on the counter right now and they went together in a snap. Just need wide mouth jars and rings. I have the easy pickler too and like it, but I know these lids will be my favorite way to go. They also fit my half gallon jars for larger batches. I will be keeping them busy from now until fall!

  2. Works Great

    by Tracy on 10 Sun,2016


    I bought this along with the pickling packer and pickling pebble weights and read your e-booklet. My veggies were cultured in about 5 days. No mess, no bad smell, no layer of mold on top like my first attempt without the right products or advice. I greatly appreciate this website.

  3. Terrific invention!

    by Heather on 11 Sun,2016


    These are super easy to use, and effective. I'm so glad I have these to help me ferment with no fear of mould growth!

  4. Great tool!

    by Patrick on 11 Sat,2016


    Easy to use - just leave about 1.5" above the uncultured pickles if using shredded veg, e.g. for sauerkraut, then let them bubble. Typically the liquid level will rise in initial fermenting because of the CO2 bubbles trapped in the veggie mass, hence the need for the 'air space' at the top. It becomes filled with CO2, so absolutely minimum browning of the top layers. Great tool! (Be sure you have the newer, wider-mouth jars.)

  5. Good idea

    by Beth on 11 Wed,2016


    Good easy idea for putting on wide mouth canning jars to cover and yet allow fermentation to progress quickly.

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Questions on Pickle Pipe for Wide Mouth Jars - Fermentation Airlock - 3 Pack

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  • From Janet at 8/29/2016 10:24 AM
    • Can I use these during a second ferment of kombucha before bottling with swing-cap and storing in fridge? I am about to make my first batch ever of kombucha and was told I need to burp containers during second ferment. If these release CO2 as it builds wouldn't they work as well or would they release too much? Thanks !
    • These could absolutely work the same during the second ferment. You can still "burp" them by gently lifting one edge up and letting a slow release of gas occur. I'm sure that you would have to do a little trial and error, but at the end of the day, any container that can provide an air-tight option will work.
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