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Paneer & Queso Blanco Cheese Making Kit

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Paneer and Queso Blanco Cheese Making Kit

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Perfect for beginning cheesemakers and easy enough for older children to master, this Paneer & Queso Blanco cheese kit comes with all the ingredients and instructions you need to make two delicious traditional cheeses. This kit makes a fun family project or a wonderful gift!

  • All ingredients included except fresh milk (see more below).
  • Use pasteurized or raw cow or goat milk. Avoid UHT or ultra-pasteurized milk.
  • Includes instructions for making the traditional Indian cheese, Paneer and the traditional Mexican cheese, Queso Blanco.
  • Both cheeses can be made in 1-3 hours. 
  • Paneer yield: 1 pound per batch; Queso Blanco yield: 1½-2 pounds per batch.
  • Each kit makes 10+ batches.
  • Having trouble with one or more cheeses in this kit? Refer to all our Cheese Troubleshooting Articles or contact us for assistance.


What's Included in the Paneer & Queso Blanco Cheese Making Kit?


Instructions and Troubleshooting


Ingredients and Allergen Information

  • Please refer to the individual product pages for the ingredients and allergen information of each item included in the kit (listed above).
  • This kit contains no GMO ingredients.


Shelf-life and Storage Information

  • Store in a cool, dry place: Citric Acid


Actual product may differ from image shown above.

Questions on Paneer & Queso Blanco Cheese Making Kit

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  • From carol ainsworth at 3/1/2012 2:59 PM
    • can I use goat milk to make this cheese?
    • Yes, goat milk or cow's milk can be used to make these cheeses.
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  • From Christine at 4/16/2012 7:57 PM
    • What is the source of your citric acid? I have an allergy to corn and cannot consume citric acid derived from corn. Thank you.
    • Our supplier for this product tells us that corn is used in the fermentation process that results in citric acid, but it is denatured sufficiently that it does not have to be labeled as containing corn. The corn that's used is not GMO. People with corn sensitivities should consult with their health care professional regarding the use of citric acid.
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  • From Sunshine at 8/6/2012 10:18 PM
    • Can you use homemade almond milk? If not, which kit could I use with almond or coconut milk?
    • Our cheese kits and cultures are designed for use with dairy milk. Making cheese with non-dairy milk is a pretty specialized procedure, and we don't really have products for that.
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  • From catherine at 9/21/2012 1:08 AM
    • Is queso blanco the same as queso fresco?
    • Although similar in taste and texture, queso fresco is made using rennet, queso blanco uses an acid (like lemon juice) to coagulate the milk.
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  • From Harriet at 4/12/2013 12:20 PM
    • Must this be used with raw milk? Thanks.
    • The milk does not need to be raw, you may use pasteurized milk. Make sure the milk is not ultra pasteurized or ultra high temp.
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  • From Ana Gutierrez at 6/12/2013 9:49 AM
  • From Debbie at 6/12/2013 8:41 PM
  • From Rena at 6/12/2013 11:24 PM
    • About what quantity of Paneer will one gallon of milk yield? Can Paneer be frozen?
    • One gallon of milk yields about 1 lb of paneer. Yes, paneer can be frozen in an airtight container.
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  • From Sharon at 4/9/2014 7:38 PM
    • The product description says that it will yield 10 batches of cheese. How large is one batch?
    • Each batch calls for 1 gallon of milk and will yield approximately 1 pound of panner cheese or 1.5-2 lbs queso blanco
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  • From Teresa at 7/29/2015 4:46 PM
    • I can't find any cream or milk that isn't ultra-pasteurized where I live. Raw is also unavailable unless you own the cow. I don't have a cow. Is there a workaround?
    • The cheeses in this kit rely on acid for coagulating the proteins and may work with Ultra Pasteurized milk. Ultra Pasteurized milk will not work in enzyme (rennet) or culture set cheeses.
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Customer Reviews

Great instructions, but you probably have all the stuff you need Review by Merry Mary

I ordered this kit because I want to branch out from my yogurt-making into making my own cheese, as well. First, before I get to the minutiae, let me tell you that I finished my first batch of paneer today. It was SO easy! The instruction book was very clear, the process was very easy and the cheese turned out great. I was able to slice and fry it for an Indian curry tonight.

Now, here's the nitty gritty:
* The thermometer that comes in the kit is super tiny (and the face on mine was scratched pretty badly when it arrived, anyway). I have a large-face yogurt thermometer that I prefer to use. You will NOT need this with the paneer, but you will with the queso. Probably better off buying a large face thermometer on your own.

* The butter muslin is really nice and they give you a very generous amount. I already had one, but mine is much smaller.

* There is a nice-size bag of powdered citric acid.

* The instruction book is very well written and easy to follow.

Now, given all of this, you're probably better off to go buy your own butter muslin, citric acid and thermometer of your choice. If you already have one (or more) of the items in this kit, don't buy it. However, if you have nothing, are absolutely new to the world of cheesemaking and don't know the first thing about buying any of this stuff on your own, then I'd spend the money.

In all, it's a nice kit. I just wish I'd had the confidence (and common sense!) to realize that I already had most of these components in my kitchen. :-)

(Posted on 4/30/2014)

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