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Obtaining a Kombucha Scoby

A kombucha scoby is a necessary component for making kombucha tea. There are three ways to obtain a scoby:

Purchase a Scoby

Cultures for Health offers kombucha tea starter cultures (scobys) individually or as part of our Kombucha Tea Starter Kit. Our starter cultures are dehydrated and pathogen-tested for your safety. Complete instructions are included.

Get a Scoby from an Acquaintance

Anyone who is making kombucha tea usually has more than enough to share. Ask around, or check for fermenting groups in your area. When you find a good source, ask for a scoby and at least ½ cup starter tea, enough to make your first quart batch. When you are ready, let us help you make your first batch of delicious kombucha, with our complete instructions and helpful how-to video on How to Make Kombucha Tea.

Grow a Scoby from Kombucha Tea 

Many grocery stores now carry bottled kombucha tea. Growing a scoby from a bottle of raw kombucha is relatively simple. 

Instructions for Growing a Kombucha Scoby 

    1. Purchase a bottle of raw, unflavored kombucha.
    2. Optional Step: Make 1 cup of black or green tea.  While the water is hot, add 1-2 tablespoons white sugar. Mix until the sugar is thoroughly dissolved, then cool completely to room temperature.  While not critical to the process, adding a cup of sweet tea to the bottle of ready-made kombucha gives the yeast and bacteria additional food to consume during the process of growing a new culture.  Learn more about choosing the best ingredients for making kombucha tea.
    3. Pour the raw kombucha and the cooled tea into a glass jar.
    4. Cover the jar with a tight-weave dish towel or a paper coffee filter. Secure the covering with a tight rubber band.
    5. Ferment the tea in a warm spot, 68-85ºF, out of direct sunlight, for about 7 days.
    6. After a week it is common to see a baby scoby developing across the surface of the liquid. A new scoby starts off as a clear film or blob and then slowly become less translucent, more white, and thicker as time goes on. If no signs of scoby development appear after 3 weeks, discard the batch and start over. We recommend waiting until the Scoby is at least ¼-inch thick before using it to brew the first batch of kombucha tea. Reaching that thickness may take up to 30 days.
    7. Retain the kombucha tea and the new scoby for making your first batch of kombucha. Follow our instructions on How to Make Kombucha Tea.


For additional information on kombucha starter cultures or any of our other products, contact us today via Live Chat or e-mail.

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