Replacement Lid for Fermented Vegetable Master

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Replacement lid set-up for our Vegetable Fermentation Master.  Includes replacement lid, rubber grommet and airlock. BPA free.  Jar not included.

We have recently changed suppliers for the FVM lids so please be sure to select the correct time period (above) for when you originally ordered your FVM to ensure you receive a lid which will fit properly.

Please note: This lid set up only fits the Vegetable Fermentation Master jars.  It does not fit standard canning jars (wrong size and thread pattern).

Questions on Replacement Lid for Fermented Vegetable Master

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  • From enzymeE at 9/12/13 1:07 AM
    • cant he lid set ups go in the dishwasher or are they hand wash only?
    • The hard plastic pieces may be able to go in the dishwasher however, the rubber grommet and small lid for the airlock could be damaged by the heat. Hand washing is best.
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  • From James Kreitner at 8/21/13 1:25 PM
    • Why don't you have lids formatted for (Bell) mason jars? I have hundreds of those jars in all sizes and have had to buy fermentation lids for about $10 each from other sites.
    • The manufacturer of the Fermented Vegetable Master has created this lid and jar combination specifically for their company. We do offer the Perfect Pickler, which fits standard wide mouth Bell and Kerr jars. Sorry about that!
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  • From Hannakli at 4/11/13 8:54 PM
    • Does this fit a standard commercial glass gallon jar?
    • Gallon jars can have varying opening sizes and thread patterns. These are only recommended for the Fermented Vegetable Master.
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  • From pinkhairlady at 2/28/13 10:20 AM
    • Can you please tell me what is the diameter (size) of the opening into the plastic lid?
      Thank You so much!!
    • The diameter of the hole in the lid is 1/2 inch.
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  • From Kathy at 10/12/12 9:10 PM
    • Is there a seal of some kind in the plastic lid that goes against the glass jar to keep air out?
    • There is no seal in this lid, but it is not required for the lid to be entirely airtight to get a good fermentation environment.
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  • From Sheila at 7/24/12 5:20 AM
  • From Emmet at 6/29/12 3:38 AM
  • From Dave N at 5/25/12 12:51 PM
    • Can you explain the physical set up starting with lid for us dummies?
    • This item is simply the replacement lid and airlock for the Fermented Vegetable Master. The FVM jar is not a standard canning size so a replacement lid can be very handy if a piece happens to get lost. As for how it works, the airlock is filled with water which allows the gasses created during fermentation to escape but keeps unwanted new air (which could encourage mold) and pests from getting into your fermenting vegetables.
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  • From Joyce at 9/12/11 11:16 PM
    • Would this lid fit on a regular wide mouth canning jar?
    • These lids fit only the Fermented Vegetable Master jars, which come in four sizes. The diameter of the lid and the thread are different from standard mason jars.
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  • From Uni Hong at 8/22/11 2:15 PM
    • Are the half-gallon and gallon the same size for the lid? Or the quart size and the half-gallon size? What about the pint and quart, would either fit the wide mouth mason jars?
    • Each of the lids is designed for the specific size jar. They are all different, and none of them fit a standard mason jar.
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Replacement Lid for Fermented Vegetable Master Review by Lily
As much sauerkraut I make. I wanted to make sure I had an extra one hanging around case I needed it. Love this it's so wonderful. (Posted on November 7, 2013)
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