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Fermented Vegetable Master: Gallon

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Fermented Vegetable Master: Gallon

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Product Review (submitted on January 11, 2013):

If you like saurkraut and never made it, you have to get this fermenter and make your own! The crisp saurkraut is soo much better than the canned stufff you buy t the store. I simply cut up two and a half heads of cabbage, sprinkled them with about two tablespoons of salt, and then packed it into the fermenter.

Hint: When I made my first batch, I only used one head of cabbage and didn't pack it enough. for the second batch I cut up two and a half heads of cabbage, sprinkled it with salt, and hand mixed it in a large bowl for about five minutes before packing. This helps to draw out the water from the cabbage. My tip for packing is to use your fist to "punch" the cabbage down. By packing it tighter, the cabbage stays below the water. I then left it on the counter for about two weeks. I love making a boiled dinner of sausage, potatoes, onions, and carrots. After cooking the other vegetable to desired tenderness, I like them a little crunchy, I added the saurkraut for about the last five minutes. That way it was heated through, but still had the crunchiness that I love in the homemade kraut. I'm going to keep a batch brewing all the time and am never going back to the canned kraut!

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