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Mild Flavor Yogurt Starter Culture

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Mild Flavor Yogurt Starter Culture

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Product Review (submitted on June 8, 2013):

Perfect results every time. I've tried this mild culture with all whole milk and with 2% and whole milk (50/50 ratio). If I use a lower fat milk, I usually add a splash of heavy cream to give it more body. For those complaints about lumps and runny yogurt, remember heating to 180° is important to denature the milk, and never let the milk come to a rolling boil. When I first began to make yogurt (5 mths ago) I would add powdered milk, as some suggested, to make the yogurt thick, but this defeats the purpose of my intent to make yogurt: a healthier and cheaper alternative to store bought yogurt. Powdered milk contains oils and other preservatives that I'd prefer to keep out of my body. If you want a truly thick yogurt just use whole milk only, and some sugar to feed the culture helps, with a splash of good vanilla--you've got yogurt that tastes just like ice cream! Don't throw away that whey, you can use it to put into your smoothies, and I used a recipe from THIS website where you turn your whey into a culture to make ketchup. For complaints about runny yogurt, please remember that commercial yogurts have artificial thickeners in it. If it really bother you, get 3 bowl shaped coffee filters, place it in a spaghetti strainer all slightly overlapping, place yogurt in it and place this in a bowl to catch whey while it sits in refrigerator for 1 hr or so.