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Goat Milk Kefir


While most of our western society prefers cow milk, goat milk is the choice for many.

Why Some Choose Goat Milk Over Cow Milk

  • Goat milk contains less casein than cow milk, which can make it easier to digest for some people.
  • Goat milk is naturally homogenized, meaning the cream will not separate as much during the culturing process.
  • The proteins in goat milk break up into smaller particles than cow milk when introduced to stomach acid, which may make it easier to digest.
  • While it is sometimes difficult to find goat milk, it may be easier to keep a home milking goat than a cow.


How to Make Goat Milk Kefir

Goat milk kefir and cow milk kefir are made the same way, using Milk Kefir Grains or Kefir Starter Culture. Follow the included instructions for each. 

Differences Between Cow and Goat Milk Kefir

The primary difference is that the consistency of goat milk kefir tends to be thinner than cow milk kefir. Of course, milk kefir flavor may be affected by the milk used, as well.


Overall, the procedure and end results are very similar, whether you culture goat or cow milk. So choose the milk you prefer and enjoy!

Ready for Some Recipes Using Milk Kefir?

Goat and glass of milk on grass

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