Make a Cultured Enzyme-Rich Breakfast Parfait


A parfait, by definition, is a dessert made of layers of various components: usually something creamy and something fruity or sweet. But if made with the right ingredients, this can act as a full-on breakfast, containing protein, fat, long-lasting carbs, and loads of enzymes.

A tasty breakfast with these components can leave you satisfied for hours and full of nutritious energy to start your day.


Layering the ingredients can make this breakfast fun and attractive!

Creamy Layer

This is the bulk of your breakfast calories. For an enzyme-rich cultured breakfast, use cultured dairy. Make sure that you are using a whole-milk kefir or yogurt or that you combine a lower-fat ingredient with a higher-fat ingredient for staying power.

Try any combination of the following:

A serving of 1 or 2 cups of this cultured dairy base should be used for each serving.

Fruit Layer

Nothing complements cultured dairy quite like delicious, fresh fruit. Lower-glycemic fruits like berries give you all the flavor and sweetness with less sugar content than higher-glycemic fruits like bananas.

Choose your favorites, including:

  • berries
  • bananas
  • apple
  • mango

If you want an extra boost of cultures and enzymes mix your fresh fruit with a cultured fruit chutney. Using fruit chutney alone might be a bit too much tang for your taste buds, but when mixed with sweet fresh fruit will give you a lovely balance.

Nutty/Crunchy Layer

Adding a third layer will add not only a texture contrast, but an extra boost of protein, fats, and nutrients. There are some obvious choices, and some surprises:

  • Chopped nuts of all kinds
  • Nut butters: peanut, almond, sunflower seed
  • Chocolate or peanut butter chips
  • Crumbled plain sourdough crackers
  • Homemade or store-bought granola

Any of the above can be used in any combination with whatever you happen to have on hand. 

Composed Parfait Ideas

In a tall glass layer a third of your dairy, a third of your fruit, and a third of your toppings. Repeat, ending with toppings. You’ll have a breakfast easy enough for any day of the week but special enough for brunch with guests.

These parfaits are nutrient-dense, energy-sustaining, and pure nourishment for you and your family.

Add some additional flavors like vanilla or cinnamon along with some sweetness like a drizzle of raw honey. Whip up one of the following combinations for a delicious cultured breakfast:

  • Cultured dairy base + apples + cinnamon + walnuts
  • Cultured dairy base + mango + pistachios
  • Cultured dairy base + banana + crumbled sourdough crackers + peanut butter
  • Cultured dairy base + raspberries + vanilla + almonds
  • Cultured dairy base + strawberries + vanilla + almonds and chocolate chips
  • Cultured dairy base + peaches + cinnamon + granola
  • Cultured dairy base + blueberries + lemon zest + walnuts



Cultured Enzyme Parfait with Yogurt, Kefir, Sour Cream

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