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Learn to Make Homemade Cheese!

Let us help you get started on your next home cheesemaking project! You can learn to make homemade cheese from our Cultures for Health team and other Real Food pros. One of the advantages to making homemade cheese is that you get to choose which ingredients go into the final product.

Whether you are embarking on your first cheesemaking project or looking for your next cheesemaking challenge, we have a wide selection of expert advice articles, how-to videos, and recipes to help you make cheese right at home. Browse our expert advice below and remember...you can do this!

Getting Started Making Cheese | Cultures for Health SHOP Cheese Cultures and Supplies | Cultures for Health Cheese Recipes | Cultures for Health
 Getting Started SHOP Cheese Cultures and Supplies Cheese Recipes


Quick Links and Definitions:

Introduction to Cheese | Cheese Expert Advice | Cultures for Health Milk for Cheesemaking | Cheese Expert Advice | Cultures for Health Cheesemaking Supply List | Cheese Expert Advice | Cultures for Health
Introduction to Cheese Milk for Cheesemaking Cheesemaking Supply List


Browse all Expert Advice Articles:

Beginner Cheesemaking | Cheese Expert Advice | Cultures for Health Advanced Cheesemaking | Cheese Expert Advice | Cultures for Health Cheese Troubleshooting | Cheese Expert Advice | Cultures for Health
Beginner Cheesemaking Advanced Cheesemaking Troubleshooting
Milk Kefir Posts | Cultures for Health Blog




Beginner Cheesemaking:  

Introduction to Cheese

Introduction to Soft Cheeses

How to Heat Milk for Culturing

Easy Cheese Recipes for Beginners

Cheesemaking Basics, Part 1

Basic Supply List for Beginning Cheesemakers

Cheesecloth and Butter Muslin

Choosing a Water Source for Making Cultured Foods

Extra Ingredients Used in Home Cheesemaking

Milk for Cheesemaking: An Overview

Choosing Milk for Making Cheese: Raw Milk vs. Pasteurized Milk


How to Cut the Curd

Ways to Use Whey

Sanitization during Cheesemaking

Overview of Cheese Cultures: Mesophilic Starters

Techniques and Tips for Adding Ingredients in Cheesemaking

Rennet and Other Popular Coagulants

What Is Whey Cheese?

How to Flavor Soft Cheese

7 Reasons to Make Your Own Cheese

Salt in Cheesemaking

Serving Homemade Cheese: Tips and Tricks

10 Ways to Use Any Soft Cheese


Advanced Cheesemaking:

Advanced Cheesemaking Equipment

Cheesemaking Basics, Part 2

Overview of Cheese Cultures: Thermophilic and Secondary Starters

How to Make Nettle Rennet for Cheesemaking

How to Make Thistle Rennet for Cheesemaking

Adjusting Pasteurized and/or Homogenized Milk

What is Cheese Powder?

Pressing Hard Cheeses

Making a Simple Cheese Press



Wrapping and Storing Different Types of Cheeses

Waxing Hard Cheeses

Bandaging Hard Cheeses

Brining Hard Cheeses

Smoking Hard Cheeses

Aging Hard Cheeses

Ripening Boxes and Caves 

Making a Mother Cheese Culture Using Direct-set Starter




Solving Curd Problems in Soft Cheesemaking

Solving Curd Problems in Hard Cheesemaking


Repairing Cracks in the Surface of Hard Cheese

Troubleshooting Your Cheese



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