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Learn to Make Cheese

Learn To Make Cheese

Learn to make cheese from the CFH staff and other Real Food pros. Choose from a wide selection of articles and recipes.

Learn to Make Cheese: Beginner   Cheese Starter Cultures | Cheesemaking Supplies | Home Cheesemaking Books   Cheesemaking Recipes | Recipes Using Cheese
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Introduction to Cheese
  Milk for Cheesemaking
  Cheesemaking Supply List


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Learn to Make Cheese: Beginner   Skill Level: Beginner Learn to Make Cheese: Experienced   Skill Level: Experienced Learn to Make Cheese: Troubelshooting   Trouble- shooting
Cheesemaking on the CFH Blog   Cheesemaking on the CFH Blog
Skill Level: Beginner


Introduction to Cheese

Introduction to Soft Cheeses

How to Heat Milk for Culturing

Easy Cheese Recipes for Beginners

Cheesemaking Basics, Part 1

Basic Supply List for Beginning Cheesemakers

Cheesecloth and Butter Muslin

Choosing a Water Source for Making Cultured Foods

Extra Ingredients Used in Home Cheesemaking

Milk for Cheesemaking: An Overview

Choosing Milk for Making Cheese: Raw Milk vs. Pasteurized Milk


How to Cut the Curd

Ways to Use Whey

Sanitization during Cheesemaking

Overview of Cheese Cultures: Mesophilic Starters

Techniques and Tips for Adding Ingredients in Cheesemaking

Rennet and Other Popular Coagulants

What Is Whey Cheese?

How to Flavor Soft Cheese

7 Reasons to Make Your Own Cheese

Salt in Cheesemaking

Serving Homemade Cheese: Tips and Tricks

10 Ways to Use Any Soft Cheese

Skill Level: Experienced


Advanced Cheesemaking Equipment

Cheesemaking Basics, Part 2

Overview of Cheese Cultures: Thermophilic and Secondary Starters

How to Make Nettle Rennet for Cheesemaking

How to Make Thistle Rennet for Cheesemaking

Adjusting Pasteurized and/or Homogenized Milk

What is Cheese Powder?

Pressing Hard Cheeses

Making a Simple Cheese Press




Wrapping and Storing Different Types of Cheeses

Waxing Hard Cheeses

Bandaging Hard Cheeses

Brining Hard Cheeses

Smoking Hard Cheeses

Aging Hard Cheeses

Ripening Boxes and Caves 

Making a Mother Cheese Culture Using Direct-set Starter




Solving Curd Problems in Soft Cheesemaking

Solving Curd Problems in Hard Cheesemaking



Repairing Cracks in the Surface of Hard Cheese

Troubleshooting Your Cheese


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