Large Cotton Muslin Bags

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Reusable cotton tea bag. Perfect for water kefir grains. Large enough to allow the kefir grains to multiply.

Two large cotton tea bags, 4" x 6"

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  • From qwe340 at 6/26/13 8:19 AM
    • Can this also be used for milk kefir?
    • We find that making milk kefir using a cloth bag for the grains does not work out well. The bag prevents the grains from being exposed fully to the entire container of milk, and the milk does not culture well. We prefer a fine-mesh strainer to separate the grains at the end of the culturing period instead.
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  • From C at 8/28/13 10:03 PM
    • how do u clean the bags? washing machine?
    • Hand wash or machine wash with mild detergent, no bleach.
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Customer Reviews

works great... Review by Faith
as long as you're not a dummy like me and put so much loose leaf tea in that there's no room for expansion. "/ I got these for making large batches of tea for kombucha. (Posted on December 23, 2013)
Didn't work for me. Review by WilhelmGGW
I really had high hopes this would work well making water kefir.. to not have to strain out the grains each time. Just transfer bag from batch to batch. Tried every way I could think of to keep bag submerged in water kefir, so mold wouldn't form on top of bag. Took way too much time trying (unsuccessfully) one thing, then another. Just went back to straining. (Posted on July 30, 2013)
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