Large Ceramic Fermentation Weight

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Weigh down your fermented vegetables using this ceramic fermentation weight. Keeping vegetables weighted under the brine keeps the vegetables from drying out and can help prevent mold.

  • Approximately 4 in. (10 cm.) diameter
  • Fits our Fermented Vegetable Masters and similarly sized crocks and containers
  • Two interlocking pieces for easy placement
  • Food grade ceramic
  • Lead-free
  • Hand wash with vinegar or warm water (do not use soap)


Instructions for use:

Rinse well before using, with vinegar or warm water. Do not use soap. Fill the fermentation vessel with the prepared vegetables leaving appropriate headspace, place the ceramic weights on top of the vegetables to ensure the vegetables sit under the brine. Cover the vessel if desired. Allow the vegetables to ferment. Remove the ceramic weight prior to storing or consuming the vegetables.


Composition of the Clay:

  • Red Art, a base clay containing iron oxide, salt, and feldspars  
  • AP Fire Clay
  • Gold Art, a base clay
  • Om4 Ball Clay   
  • Feldspar
  • Grog 


Additional Manufacturing Information from the Craftsman: 

I use a tried and true clay recipe I can trace back 80 years through various craftspeople I have known over the years.  

The weights are not glazed but rather fired 2,350 degrees using an oxidation technique. This process vitrifies the body of the clay making the molecules so dense that water and other elements cannot penetrate the surface thus rendering the clay food safe.

Questions on Large Ceramic Fermentation Weight

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  • From Fred Renner at 1/23/14 7:17 AM
    • Will this item fit a 1/2 Gallon Ball Jar?
    • The large weights are 4" in diameter and designed to fit inside our Fermented Vegetable Master which has a wider diameter than the Ball Jar. The small weights are designed to fit mason jars, like Ball and Kerr.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Brea at 2/2/14 12:11 PM
    • What is the total weight of the 4" ceramic weight?
    • This product weighs about 0.35 lbs, a little more than 5 oz
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No

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Customer Reviews

Increases Surface Coverage Review by NewPickler
This helps to cover surface area. I expected a heavier product which would be a little thicker. Yes, I'm worried it will break if I press to hard on it.

It still requires the use of the glass weights. (Posted on April 17, 2014)
Great Weight Review by Hud
The weight is great for kraut and other fermenting projects. (Posted on March 2, 2014)
way too small to do the job Review by Bekah
That's all I have to say.

Response from CFH-These weights were specifically designed to be used with standard wide mouth canning jars. Please contact Customer Support with any problems you encounter. (Posted on February 26, 2014)
Thought it would have been thicker. Review by Alien
Afraid to push hard...thought it would have been thicker. (Posted on February 20, 2014)
Thought it would have been thicker. Review by Alien
Afraid to push hard...thought it would have been thicker. (Posted on February 20, 2014)
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