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Lacto-Fermented Watermelon Rind Pickles


Lacto-fermented watermelon rinds can make a tasty snack. Some recipes for the watermelon rind pickle are sugary sweet, much like the pickled beet. But they certainly don’t have to be and can be quite delightful all on their own. Jazz these up with some spices, such as ginger or mustard seed.


  • Rind from one or more watermelons
  • Sea salt
  • Filtered water
  • Spices as desired

  1. Scrape the pink flesh from the watermelon rind. Peel the outer green skin from the watermelon rind. Cut the watermelon rind into 1-inch squares.
  2. Prepare a light brine by combining 1-3 tablespoons of salt and 1 quart of filtered water.
  3. Place watermelon rind squares and any spices you desire into a fermentation vessel. Fill up the remaining space in the jar with the salt solution. Use a wooden or plastic utensil to release any air bubbles trapped along the sides of the jar.
  4. If necessary, weigh the rind pieces down under the brine.
  5. Cover each jar with a tight lid, airlock lid, or coffee filter secured with a rubber band.
  6. Culture at room temperature (60-70°F is preferred) until desired flavor and texture are achieved. If using a tight lid, burp daily to release excess pressure.
  7. Once the culture is finished, put a tight lid on the jar and move to cold storage. The flavor will continue to develop.

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Watermelon Rind for Making Lacto-fermented Pickles

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