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Kombucha Starter Kit

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You Can Do This

When you buy this kit you get FREE ACCESS to our eBook collection and step-by-step guide to making kombucha at home with HOW-TO VIDEOS and more!



It's easy to make your own kombucha with our Kombucha Starter Kit. This kit includes 7 hand-picked ingredients & supplies to get you started.

SEE FULL TUTORIAL: How to Make Kombucha with the Kombucha Starter Kit

  • 1 - Kombucha Tea Starter Culture (1 SCOBY)
  • 1 - Bag of Organic Cane Sugar (1 cup bag)
  • 1 - Bottle of Organic Distilled White Vinegar (8 fl. oz. bottle)
  • 1 - Bag of Organic Black Tea Bags (8 tea bags)
  • 1 - Stick-On Thermometer 
  • 1 - Butter Muslin Jar Cover (1 square yard)
  • 1 - Vial of pH strips (vial of 25 strips)


You Supply: Water (free of chlorine and fluoride), Glass Jar


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3 Reviews For "Kombucha Starter Kit"

  1. Great product!

    by Sassy on 01 Wed,2017


    I'm very pleased with this product! Quality at a good price. Takes all the guess work out of making kombucha.

  2. Direct instructions and fun!

    by Charlie on 01 Thu,2017


    They make it so easy with simple instructions (w/ pictures!) and videos for further information. Covers every aspect!

  3. Kombucha

    by Nam on 01 Thu,2017



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Kombucha Tea Starter Culture Ingredients & Allergen Information:

  • Ingredients: Organic sugar, organic black tea, live active cultures.
  • Allergen Information: Manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing soy and dairy.
  • GMO Status: This product contains no GMO ingredients.
  • Vegan product.


Organic Cane Sugar Ingredients & Allergen Information:

  • Ingredients: Organic cane sugar


Organic Distilled White Vinegar Ingredients & Allergen Information:

  • Ingredients: n/a




Questions on Kombucha Starter Kit

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  • From Dee at 1/14/2017 4:08 PM
    • I meant the actual kit...not the keeping and growing of the scoby, is that what you meant? If I bought the kit now and didn't use it for ...???? years would it still be good, viable?
    • Sorry about that! Generally speaking, the white sugar and white vinegar have an indefinite shelf life. Tea bag shelf life can vary, but most sources seem to agree upon 2 years. And the dehydrated scoby will last until the best by date on the package. I hope that helps!
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  • From Dee at 1/11/2017 8:45 PM
    • How long will the scoby last? Could it be saved for months or even years?
    • That's a great question! The SCOBY can last many years if given proper care. All you need to do is follow the instructions that are included in the kit!
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  • From Krestie at 12/11/2016 8:31 PM
    • What is the vinegar for?, years ago when I had kombucha, vinegar wasn't used. I really would like to have it again ....
    • The distilled white vinegar is used in place of kombucha from your previous batch (starter tea). It is required for activating a scoby and is also a great way to get a new batch started if you've accidentally consumed all of your last batch!
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