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Water Kefir Starter Kit

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Water Kefir Starter Kit

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Product Review (submitted on June 16, 2014):

I have been brewing kombucha for several years, but I wanted something to drink every day with low sugar, especially in the summer. It is so easy to make, and you need only 3 ingredients, water, sugar, and kefir water grains - no tea required. I have used plain white cane sugar, Turabindo, Succant and Florida Crystals in the brew. They each produce a different flavor from a slightly sweet taste, to a hint of molasses. I like the basic plain kefir water so much I only use other flavors occasionally when I do a second ferment. I also do a second ferment for a fuzzy drink a couple of times a month. I can make fresh Kefir Water in less than a day. I have also made Kefir Milk (both dairy and coconut, which I put on a grain free cereal, in dressings, smoothies and so on), but I don't use Kefir Milk and Kombucha every day. The Kefir Water kit is a good way to start. The strainer is just the right size, and the instructions are several pages of very clear and complete information, and the grains are easy to use. The instructions include such information as the basic ferment, second ferments, traveling, and longer term storage. This is a great product.

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