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Milk Kefir Grains

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Milk Kefir Grains

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Product Review (submitted on March 13, 2013):

The kefir grains arrived quickly after I placed the order for them. i was fully expecting it to take more than five days to rehydrate, but, by day three I had kefir :)

I do keep a thermometer in the kitchen, and after moving the jar a couple of times, found a spot that stays at 72°consistently. At first I placed the jar on a warming mat I keep on the counter for soaking/sprouting buckwheat groats, but was worried it might be too warm,I kept checking with a candy thermometer and it was right at 85° when set on the mat.

The grains were activated in reconstituted powdered goats milk, (also checked with a candy thermometer after mixing with warm water) and I think maybe the fact that the milk was warmer than refrigerated when grains first went in, contributed to the speed that they began to begin working.

I've since switched to raw goats milk, poured straight from the refrigerator, as using warmer milk was making kefir in about 17 hours, which was not all that convenient.