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Milk Kefir Grains

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Milk Kefir Grains

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Product Review (submitted on May 18, 2014):

I've had the grains for about 2 months now. I'm very happy with them and they are producing wonderful tasting kefir like crazy.

The picture you see on the website, however, is not at all like what you get. I think the company does itself a disservice by having the picture it does, because it will throw a buyer off when they see what they get and what it looks like when it comes into production. You originally get a little less than a teaspoon of dried grains in powdered milk, which you then re-hydrate and prepare for production over the course of a week.

When the grains are ready and producing, you still don't have anything like the picture. you have got about a teaspoon of something that looks a lot like cottage cheese. Having seen the picture and thinking that is what you're supposed to have, I think it throws people off.

The thing is, that much will give you every bit of kefir you can possibly use and more. Mine is supplying me and my mom, both drinking kefir AND enough to keep us in kefir cheese, and I've got to find a way to slow these grains down!

They are amazing. Pay no attention to the picture that looks like you're getting a quarter or half cup of something that looks like cauliflower. First, if you did have that much in grains, you'd end up getting gallons of kefir a DAY - my teaspoon is giving me a quart every 16 hours or so. I do tend to let it go the whole 24 hours, but the kefir is thick and tasty that quickly.

And next, as the buyer, you expect your grains to look like that picture. They don't. This might confuse folks into thinking they were shorted on grains, or that the grains are insufficient or that something went wrong with them. Nope, that is what they're supposed to be. I can't imagine how long it would take for our grains to amount to that much. In the 2 months I've had mine, they haven't grown at all that I can tell, and quite honestly, given how much kefir my teaspoon makes, what in the world would I do with all the kefir that much would make?

So, to summarize, these grains are fabulous. They come back from the dried state quickly (4 days for me, and I went slowly and carefully), they produce kefir like crazy, and they look like a teaspoon of cottage cheese.

If you want tasty kefir, go for these grains.