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Milk Kefir Grains

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Milk Kefir Grains

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Product Review (submitted on March 8, 2014):

The grains were shipped, tracked and arrived at my doorstep exactly when Cultures for Health had indicated.
I re-hydrated them using organic whole milk (I think this substrate encouraged quicker and more robust rejuvenation of the grains). For the first few times of straining the grains, I had some troubles... since I didn't want to use stainless steel sieves, I used cheese cloth. REALLY DUMB MISTAKE, because the grains got stuck within the cloth, and I had to pick as many as I could out with clean hands to salvage them (I was pretty upset this evening!). Since I wasn't going to try that again, I decided to look for a suitable sieve... It's HARD to find plastic sieves at Target/GE/dollar stores/gourmet kitchen stores! I ended up ordering online. SO, I used stainless steel sieve on three occasions to strain the grains, and LUCKILY they remained intact, happy and able to produce an excellent product once fully hydrated! YAY!
Now, with my active ~1/2 tsp of milk kefir grains, my new plastic sieve, and regular purchase of organic whole milk, we are making pint-portions of home-made kefir that is absolutely delicious, nutritious and made fresh daily! These grains have been one of the best additions to my kitchen! Thank you Cultures for Health!