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Milk Kefir Grains

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Milk Kefir Grains

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Product Review (submitted on March 6, 2014):

Like other reviewers, the extremely small amount of dehydrated grains you get for the money does not seem like a very good value.

--I have followed the directions explicitly and to no avail. I am ending up with a disgusting separated product that tastes and smells odd. It is separated into some sort of coagulated milk that has tiny little curds (like what you see if your milk is bad after it has expired) and the other part is a whey liquid. I do not get a creamy Kefir by product. I have wasted an inordinate amount of milk trying to get these things to hydrate and hopefully make Kefir. It has been an utter FAIL....

CFH Response: It is important to contact CFH Customer Support as soon as possible. Separation into curds and whey is usually caused by too little milk for the grains and if the problem isn't corrected, the kefir will begin to smell off. An adjustment in the ratio of milk to grains usually solves the problem very quickly. The small grains rehydrate incredibly fast and they require a lot of fresh food (milk). The milk should be changed when the kefir reaches the "thickened milk" stage which can happen in a short time with a small amount of milk. Check the kefir starting at 12 hours, if the milk hasn't thickened, let it continue culturing and check the milk every hour until the milk thickens and you have a fresh tangy smell and flavor. If you want to stay on a 24 hour schedule, begin increasing the amount of milk slowly (1/2 cup additional per batch) so that you reach that wonderful thickened milk stage without over culturing.