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How to Sprout Black Beans

Black beans are well-known in southwestern and Cuban cuisine. They make delicious soup, side-dishes, salads, and chilies. With a little seasoning they can stretch the meat portion of the meal in a delicious way.

Beans and other seeds contain certain anti-nutrients. These anti-nutrients preserve the seed until it has a chance to germinate and grow. The soaking and sprouting process may help reduce anti-nutrients. Sprouted beans are more nutrient dense, cook faster than unsprouted beans and are much easier to digest.

Black beans do not sprout as reliably as some other beans. Because of their lower germination rate, black sprouts can be considered done even if only 50% of them have sprouted. Like other beans, one quarter inch of sprout is enough to get all the benefit.

Bean Sprouting Process

  1. First, decide how far to take the sprouting process. For cooking purposes, use a shorter-sprouted black bean. For raw eating in salads or sandwiches a longer sprout may be desirable.
  2. Plan to use a larger vessel such as a large colander or a gallon jar for two cups of long-sprouted black beans. For the short-sprouted black beans a quart or half-gallon jar is sufficient.
  3. Rinse and soak the black beans overnight.
  4. In the morning drain and rinse the black beans thoroughly. When using a jar with a sprouting screen, invert the jar to allow any extra water to run off. Leave a colander over a bowl or sink and cover it with a towel in order to keep airflow going while keeping bugs out.
  5. Repeat 2-3 times per day until the sprouts are the desired length. Short-sprouted beans this should take around three days. Longer sprouted beans may take up to six days.
  6. It is normal for the skins to loosen and come off the beans. Either pick the skins out or leave them in as they do not affect the flavor.
  7. Allow beans to drain for several hours before transferring to a covered container. Store sprouts in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

Black Beans for Sprouting

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