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How to Make Yogurt Using a Direct Set Yogurt Starter


Direct-Set Yogurt Starters are convenient for making yogurt because there is no starter to maintain. Simply store extra packets in the freezer and make a batch of yogurt when you are ready.

This video contains instructions on how to make yogurt using a single-use powdered starter culture such as our Mild Flavor Yogurt Starter.

Direct-set cultures are thermophilic (heat-loving) and require a yogurt maker or other appliance to keep the milk warm during culturing. While a yogurt maker is a helpful appliance, there are methods for Culturing Without a Yogurt Maker.



Nearly any type of dairy milk will make yogurt. The milk can be raw or pasteurized. Information and tips on Choosing Milk to Make Yogurt, as well as special considerations for Making Raw Milk Yogurt, are available. Avoid ultra-pasteurized or UHT milk.

Direct-set cultures may be used to make yogurt with alternative (non-dairy) milks, as well. A dairy-based direct-set culture or a special non-dairy culture made specifically for non-dairy milks, the Vegan Yogurt Starter, may also be used. Non-dairy milks generally require the addition of some type of thickener to make a spoonable yogurt. 

Learn all about choosing Alternative Milk for Making Yogurt, as well as how to make your own alternative milk.

For detailed instructions for making direct-set yogurt, click the links below.

Mild Flavor Yogurt Starter

Traditional Flavor Yogurt Starter

Coconut, Rice, or Soy Milk Yogurt Using Pectin as a Thickener

Coconut Milk Yogurt Using Gelatin as a Thickener

Vegan Raw Almond Milk Yogurt

Hemp Milk Yogurt

How to Make Yogurt Using a Direct Set Yogurt Starter


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