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How to Make Tofu



  • 2 quarts soy milk
  • Coagulant: Choose one


Making Tofu

  • Boil the soy milk for 5 minutes and then cool to 160-175°F (70-80°C) degrees. 
  • If making soy milk fresh using a soy milk maker, there is not need to boil the milk again.
  • Dissolve the coagulant of your choice in a cup of warm water--do not let it set too long!
  • Mix the water and coagulant mixture into the hot soy milk.  Gently stir the milk but do not over mix.  Allow the mixture to sit undisturbed for 15-25 minutes.
  • While the mixture sits, small white curds will separate from amber colored liquid.  
  • Once the process is complete, transfer the curds into a molding container lined with cheese cloth or a similar fabric.  Fold the fabric over the curds and place a small weight on top to begin pressing out the liquid.  Allow the mixture to be pressed by the weight for 20-30 minutes or until it holds together.Remove the block of tofu from the mold.  
  • If the tofu will not be consumed the same day its made, store the tofu in a container with cold water in the refrigerator.  The soaking water should be changed daily.
  • Makes a little less than a pound of tofu.


Tips for Making Tofu

  • The amount of coagulant used will influence the texture of the final product; more coagulant will produce firmer tofu, less coagulant will produce softer tofu.
  • If the tofu will be consumed within 24 hours of being made, there is no need to store it in water.
  • To give the tofu a more fibrous texture, cover the tofu in water in a sealable container and place in the freezer.  Thaw when ready to use.


Homemade Tofu

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