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How to Make Non-Dairy Yogurt

There are many reasons for choosing to make yogurt using non-dairy milk: a vegan diet, allergies to dairy, or a restricted diet. Regardless of the reason, non-dairy milks can be cultured into yogurt, with some care.


Choosing a Non-Dairy milk:

Nearly any non-dairy milk can be cultured, including legume, nut, seed, grain, or coconut milk. While store-bought boxed or canned milk may be used, we recommend using milk with as few additives as possible. Homemade milks culture well and are easy to make.


Adding Thickeners:

While non-dairy milk will culture without a thickening agent, it usually will not set. To produce a spoonable, fairly thick yogurt, choose a thickener that meets your dietary needs. 


Choosing a Culture:

To make a completely dairy-free yogurt recipes, our Vegan Yogurt Starter is an excellent choice. If a small amount of dairy is tolerable, other dairy-based yogurt starters may be used, as long as a pasteurized dairy mother culture is maintained


Choosing a Yogurt Recipe:

Our staff developed these non-dairy milk yogurt recipes, using our Vegan Yogurt Starter and different thickeners. Choose one of our recipes or create your own combination of non-dairy milk, thickener, and starter culture. 


Special Concerns When Culturing Non-Dairy Milks

  • Some alternative milks have added calcium. If using Pomona’s Pectin as a thickener, it may be necessary to eliminate the calcium water, to avoid over-thick yogurt.
  • Because some alternative milks have less sugar than dairy milk, it can help to add sugar to promote fermentation. Approximately 1½-2 teaspoons sugar per cup of milk is recommended. Rice milk doesn’t need additional sugar.

How to Make Non-Dairy Yogurt

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