How to Measure Flour

Flour measurements can be one of the biggest variables when it comes to finished baked products. There are three ways to measure dry ingredients: weighing, scooping, and spooning.

The most common way of measuring is scooping with a measuring cup. There are two types of measuring cups: one for liquid and one for dry. The liquid type usually has a spout and is commonly made of glass or plastic. The dry type has a level rim. The volumes contained are the same in each type, and both are easy to find inexpensively at various stores or online. A drawback to scooping is that the flour can “pack” much like brown sugar and you can end up using more flour than necessary, possible making your recipe heavy or dry. 

Weighing ingredients with a scale is by far the most accurate method, but it’s not widely done in US households. Measuring ingredients by weight ensures a consistent and predictable texture in your finished product. It’s especially helpful to weigh flours because different flours can be lighter or denser.

If you do not have a digital scale, spooning can get you a fairly accurate measurement using measuring cups:

  1. Stir the flour within the container before measuring.
  2. Spoon the flour into the measuring cup.
  3. Use a knife or other straight-edged utensil to level the flour across the measuring cup. Tip: leave the tool in the flour for regular use.


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