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Regular Mouth Weights (1.5")

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Keep your lacto-fermented fruits and vegetables submerged below the brine with these handy glass weights. Keeping the vegetables submerged reduces the opportunity for mold and improves the flavor of the batch. Approximately round. 1-pound bag.

Two sizes available:

  • Regular-mouth Size: Nearly round and measuring approximately 1.5" (40 mm) in diameter and 7/16" thick. These fit nicely in regular-mouth style canning jars, or several weights can be used in larger-size jars. Each package weighs approximately 1 pound and contains 13 to 15 glass weights.
  • Wide-mouth Size: Discontinued. We recommend our small ceramic fermentation weights for wide mouth canning jars.

Please note: each weight is slightly unique in size and shape. The glass may contain bubbles. Sizes and shapes described here are approximate and may vary.

Made in China.





Why I Love This Product

For a very long time I have been looking for a metal-free, plastic-free means of weighing down vegetables that I am fermenting in mason jars. There are other, homemade remedies for this problem, but these glass weights are one of the few pieces of equipment I would spend money on for vegetable fermentation. The various sizes work well with both narrow- and wide-mouthed jars, and can be overlapped and mixed and matched to weight down ferments with different textures and sizes. Because keeping your vegetables submerged is the key to fermented vegetables that are better-tasting, more reliably fully fermented, and have a longer shelf-life, I would recommend these glass weights as an easy solution for weighting down vegetables in mason jars. Shannon, CFH Blog Manager



Questions on Glass Lacto-Fermentation Weights

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  • From Albert Kay at 3/14/13 1:11 AM
    • Why are you out of stock?
    • Not many available and everyone wants them. We're hoping to have them in soon.
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  • From Ash at 4/2/13 12:01 AM
    • Is the glass lead free?
    • We do not have that information from our supplier and the weights have not been tested.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Sam at 4/7/13 11:13 PM
    • Hi there. I'm wondering: when you say the large sized ones fit wide-mouthed canning jars, do you mean Mason Jars? If so, I'd love to order some, so the second question it... do you have them in stock?

      A third question would be, if you have the airlock lids for mason jars, do you need the weights?


    • Mason and Ball are the two most common brands of canning jars, and these weights will fit their wide-mouth jars, as well as any other standard wide-mouth jar.

      At the time of this writing, the large sized ones are in stock; the current status will be listed on the product ordering page.

      The weights are a method for keeping the vegetables submerged under the brine, which is necessary even if you have an airlock lid.
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  • From Valerie at 4/23/13 1:23 AM
    • Are your weights made of non-iridized glass?
    • The weights are clear, non-iridized glass.
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  • From Teresa at 2/11/14 9:25 AM
    • Are there two glass weights per order?
    • There are two sizes of glass lacto-fermentation weights. The weights for standard mouth canning jars include 13 to 15 pieces at approximately 1 pound. The weights for wide mouth jars include 9 to 11 glass weights totaling approximately 1 pound.
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Customer Reviews

Nice little helpers Review by LLG
These little guys are great for quart-sized ferments. Putting two or three of these little weights into the jar is quite effective in keeping everything submerged. Overall, I'm pleased with this purchase. (Posted on January 28, 2014)
Great quality; too small for wide mouth jars Review by Janice
While I love the quality of these glass weights, the ones you previously sold for wide-mouth jars were a much better size--about 3/4-1 inch larger in diameter. Now I need to use at least two of these current-size glass weights (if not three) to cover my ferments--where only one sufficed in the larger size. (Posted on January 24, 2014)
Wish I had these earlier Review by Mary
I love these weights. The wide mouth product came with six weights. For large items such as whole cucumbers I can get by with one weight per jar. For skinny green beans or sliced radishes or carrots I distribute two or three over the food to make sure everything is weighted down. The quality of the entire jar is so much better when everything is tucked well under the weights and into the brine. Love them! (Posted on November 1, 2013)
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