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Cultures for Health Favorites


Cultures for Health Favorites | Gift Giving Guide

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We love our products and hope you will too! Here's a list of favorites from our team at Cultures for Health to help you with your holiday gifting.


Please note that some of our products require particular storage conditions. Please refer to specific product pages to ensure appropriate storage of items when gifting!

  New Zealand Rye Sourdough Starter  

New Zealand Rye Sourdough Starter

I love that it's a very forgiving culture and bubbles happily on my counter year-round. My family adores it in pancakes, waffles, quick breads, tortillas and good old sandwich breads.

Sarah, Customer Support Assistant Manager


Faith Hope Love Soap Mold Tray

This is my favorite mold, both for Melt and Pour soap, as well as lotion bars. It’s easy to pop out, and then cut with a kitchen knife. The message is inspiring and hopeful, while the product I created is useful and fun!

Jerri, Customer Support Representative

   Faith Hope Love Soap Mold Tray  


Water Kefir Grains Kit


Water Kefir

I love the tanginess and fizz I get from a double fermentation.  My favorite add-in is fresh lime juice and I always have a new batch culturing. I don't drink soda or much else besides water, so I was a little skeptical about how water kefir would fit into my routine. However, I didn't need to worry - I've learned to customize the culturing time to get a less sweet product, just how I like it. Now it's a healthy and delicious part of my routine that I look forward to each day. My biggest problem is making enough to share!

Liz, Customer Support Manager



The Greek Maker (Strainer)

This is a wonderful, multi-use item that I use in my home constantly. From straining delicious thick Greek-style yogurt, to making sour cream or soft kefir cheese, this works for straining just about any cultured dairy you can think of! It's perfect for that yogurt lover or cheesemaker in your life!

Stephanie, Customer Support Representative



Greek Yogurt Maker (Strainer)


Mozzarella Cheese and Ricotta Kit



Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese Kit

 My family and I had so much fun learning to make cheese with this easy kit. The process was much easier than we expected, and the resulting cheese tasted so good that I haven’t even considered buying store bought cheese since! I use my homemade mozzarella on pizzas, salads, and so much more!

Clarissa, Marketing Assistant


Lip Balm Filling Tray

When I’m on a big lip balm giving kick, this tool makes filling tubes a snap! 50 at one time is so much easier than trying to fill tubes one by one! No more having to have a completely steady hand! The excess lip balm can be scraped off and remelted if needed, or put into a jar to remelt for later.


Jerri, Customer Support Representative


  Lip Balm Filling Tray  
  Desem Whole WHeat Sourdough Starter  

Desem Whole Wheat Sourdough Starter

 Coming from working as a sourdough baker to Cultures for Health, I was of course a little hesitant to even try a new sourdough starter. After trying out the Desem Whole Wheat Starter, I changed my tune.

This starter is flavorful, reliable, and frankly tough as nails. Time and time again when I think I've neglected him too long, he's bounced back and produced quality sourdough loaves. I love the universal nature of a sourdough starter as it can be used in so many ways from bread to pancakes to muffins, and even cakes! Yes, I said cakes.

  Working with sourdough, for me, was the easiest way to learn about and understand fermentation and how to work with it. You quickly learn to trust your instincts and embrace sourdough baking as both an art and a science, which it certainly is. I can't recommend our Desem or any of our sourdough starters enough. They're the perfect way to enter the realm of fermentation.

Mason, Customer Support Representative

  Sourdough Loaf    

Easy Sprout

I use my Easy Sprout year round for making delicious healthy sprouts for my whole family. It's small and inexpensive, and fits anywhere on your kitchen counter. In the midwest it's hard to find fresh local produce in the colder months, but you can't get more local than your own kitchen!

Stephanie, Customer Support Representative

  Easy Sprout  
   Milk Kefir Grains  

Milk Kefir Grains

My favorite culture would have to be milk kefir grains.  They can be used to make delicious dairy or alternative milk kefir and the finished dairy kefir can be used to make anything from cheese to baked goods not to mention all the wonderful things that can be made with whey strained from the kefir!

Anita, Customer Support Representative


Melt & Pour Soap Making Supplies

 I love DIY projects, but have a tendency to be impatient. I’m also not one for making huge messes so I was so happy to find the melt and pour soap bases so easy to experiment with and use. After hearing horror stories about burns from making soap with lye, I’m happy there’s a safer alternative to soap making that still allows me to get creative with mixing fragrances and botanicals. I’m excited to make handmade gifts for my friends for the holidays!

Caroline, Content Coordinator

   Melt and Pour Soap Bundle  
  Sour Cream Starter Culture  

Sour Cream Starter Culture

My favorite CFH product is the Sour Cream Starter! It can be used for both Sour Cream as well as buttermilk. It's so simple to add to milk or cream and then incubate. I've even used it in non-dairy milks and gotten tasty results!

Eve, Customer Support Representative


San Francisco Sourdough Starter

Before starting at CFH, I hadn’t done much culturing, but I’ve always loved to bake. I had no idea that sourdough starter could be used to make more than bread. Using the San Francisco Sourdough Starter, I’ve made tasty, chewy loaves as well as tangy pizza crust and moist pumpkin bread. It’s a relaxing routine to feed my starter at the same time as I check my water kefir and kombucha, and I feel a little better about eating bread now!

Lisa, Multimedia Designer

  Sourduohg Starter  
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