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We certainly understand being a smart shopper, and holiday shopping should be no exception! Luckily, Cultures for Health carries a variety of products to fit all budgets. 


Explore the following budgets:

Gifts Under $20 | Gifts Under $30 | Gifts Under $50 | For Those Special Fermenters: Gifts Over $50



Please note that some of our products require particular storage conditions. Please refer to specific product pages to ensure appropriate storage of items when gifting!  


Gifts Under $20

Check out our Stocking Stuffers gift guide for thrifty finds under $20!


Stocking Stuffers | Gift Giving Guide


















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Gifts Under $30

  Introduce a friend or loved one to cultured foods for the holidays. These basic ingredients and equipment can help anyone get started on the road to home culturing! 


Single-Use Cultures

For the true beginner, basic cultures that require no maintenance are a wonderful introduction to fermenting. Try a variety of single-use cultures, which store in the freezer long-term, to take the fear out of culturing for anyone.

  Kefir Starter Culture   Cream Cheese   Sour Cream Starter Culture  


  Buttermilk   Fromage Blanc Cheese Starter Culture   Yogurt  

Homemade Yogurt

Yogurt is a simple culture for beginners, and it's quite versatile!

  Yogurt in Jars


Basic Thermometer

  Cotton Bag    Cooking With Yogurt  







Choose a yogurt starter from our wide selection.


A basic thermometer is a handy tool for making


Make soft cheese by straining yogurt in an organic cotton bag.


Learn to use yogurt in many recipes with the book Cooking With Yogurt.


Homemade Milk Kefir

Commercial Milk Kefir is a popular and delicious beverage, but making milk kefir at home using heirloom milk kefir grains is even better!

   Milk Kefir Starter Kit    Organic Cotton Bag    Plastic Mason Jar Lids  

Our Milk Kefir Starter Kit contains

everything the beginner needs.


 An Organic Cotton Bag is handy for
making kefir cheese


 These bpa-free plastic lids fit
wide-mouth canning jars and are handy for storing extra milk kefir in the




Homemade Water Kefir


Water Kefir


Water Kefir is a good introductory culture. It is a bit sweet, mild, and amazingly versatile. Add fruit or juice and bottle in a Grolsch-style Flip-top Bottle for a fizzy cultured soda. Our Water Kefir Starter Kit contains just what the beginner needs.

  Grolsch Flip Top Bottles  


Homemade Kombucha 


  Flip Top Bottles   For the kombucha-lover in your life, this Kombucha Tea Starter Culture will be a big hit. Save money on commercial kombucha while introducing a fun new hobby. Flip-top
 allow you to make a fizzy, flavored kombucha.
  Fermented Vegetable Masters  
  Our Fermented Vegetable Master comes in two sizes, complete with weights, airlock, and storage lid.   Fermented Vegetable Master  

 Cabbage Crusher


Cabbage Crusher

A cabbage crusher is a valuable tool for making sauerkraut, kimchi, and other lacto-fermented foods. Handmade from a solid piece of hardwood maple and oiled with food-grade organic walnut oil. Use this pounding tool to knead vegetables and extract natural juices throughout your fermenting projects.


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Gifts Under $50

   Sourdough Bundle  

 Sourdough Bundle

Give the gift of freshly-baked bread with one of our sourdough bundles. Choose from 4 sourdough bundles to easily get started making fresh sourdough baked-goods! Each bundle includes 1 packet of dehydrated starter culture, ready to activate using unchlorintaed, unfluoridated water and the appropriate flour. Once established, a sourdough starter is easy to care for and can last indefinitely. All of our starter cultures include easy-to-follow instructions to help you activate and maintain your sourdough starter throughout the culturing process.


 Vintner's Best One Gallon Wine Kit

Specifically designed to work with World Vineyard’s 1.65L Ingredient Kits, this equipment kit is a great choice for anyone looking to venture into winemaking without committing to making a full 10 liters. Included instructions explain how to use each piece of equipment.

   Vintner's Best One Gallon Wine Equipment Kit  
   World Vineyard Wine Kit  

 World Vineyard Wine Ingredient Kits


Crafting your own homemade wine is now easier than ever with World Vineyard’s 1.65L wine kits. This kit simplifies the winemaking process for beginners by providing all the necessary wine ingredients, (pre-measured and ready to mix) along with easy-to-follow instructions.


Producing 1.65L (about 1 gallon), this ingredient kit is a great choice for anyone looking to experiment with winemaking without making a large investment, and it's ready in about 4 weeks!



Wild Fermentation DVD Bundle

In this exclusive package, experience a complete look at fermentation with both the DVD of one of Sandor Ellix Katz's popular workshops and a copy of Sandor Ellix Katz’s Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods, the first cookbook to widely explore the culinary magic of fermentation. This book provides readers with basic and delicious recipes—some familiar, others exotic—that are easy to make at home. With nearly 100 recipes, it is the most comprehensive and wide-ranging fermentation cookbook ever published.

   Wild Fermentation DVD Bundle  
   Yogurt Maker  

 Yogurt Makers

From Greek to vegan yogurt, we carry an assortment of yogurt makers to culture milk into delicious, homemade yogurt. Make yogurt in individual serving containers or even without electricity - just choose the yogurt maker that fits your needs!


Indoor Herb Garden

Start growing herbs in your kitchen using this delightful kit! The kit is a mini greenhouse that provides the perfect environment for growing herbs indoors. It's a super family project you can enjoy year round!

   Culinary Indoor Herb Garden Kit  
   Bottle Capper  

 Super Agata Bench Bottle Capper

Great for bottling a variety of bottle sizes - adjust the height of the capper on the fly!

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Special Gifts Over $50

   Brewcraft Fermenter  

 Brewing and Wine Making Equipment and Ingredients

Do you have a friend or family member that loves to ferment and is looking for their next challenge? Try helping them get started on their next fermenting project with equipment and ingredients for brewing beer, wine, and cider right at home!


 Sauerkraut Bundle

Fermenting vegetables is easier than ever with our Sauerkraut Bundle! This bundle includes all the equipment and ingredients necessary for making saurkraut at home, plus fermenting instructions and recipes.

   Sauerkraut Bundle  
   Greek Yogurt Bundle  

Greek Yogurt Bundle

Looking for a unique gift for the DIY-er in your life? The Greek Yogurt Starter can be recultured indefinitely, so it truly is the gift that keeps on giving. All bundles include step-by-step instructions to help you activate and maintain your starter through the culturing process.


German Fermenting Crock

Beautifully crafted stoneware crock from Germany by Nick Schmitt and Sohn.  Suitable for almost all types of vegetables, this crock provides a traditional method for naturally preserving food through culturing in a salt/water brine solution.  Made of stoneware, this beautiful sauerkraut crock or pickling crock will stand the test of time.

   German Fermenting Crock  
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