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Free eBook: Learn to Make Yogurt


  • 155 pages including 30 recipes
  • What is Yogurt?
  • Yogurt Basics
  • Choosing Your Milk
  • Alternative Milks (Soy, Nut, Rice, etc.)
  • Choosing a Yogurt Starter
  • Which Type of Yogurt Starter Do I Have?
  • Making Yogurt with Direct-set Cultures
  • Making Yogurt with Reusable Cultures
  • Making Yogurt with Raw Milk
  • Maintaining Temperatures for Culturing Yogurt
  • Enhancing Yogurt: Thickening & Flavorings
  • How to Make Greek-style Yogurt
  • How to Store Yogurt and Yogurt Cultures
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Yogurt Around the World
  • Ways to Use Yogurt
  • Plus so much more including 30 recipes for using your homemade yogurt



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  Yogurt eBook

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