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Five Ways to Eat More Cultured Foods


1. Replace your beverages with fermented versions

If we add up all the beverages we drink during the day, it can end up being quite a bit! There are a number of delicious cultured and fermented options that are easy to make:

  • Water Kefir: A dairy-free kefir made from sugar water, juice or coconut water
  • Kombucha: A delicious fermented tea with many flavoring options. Kick it up a notch with Kombucha Coffee.
  • Rejuvelac: Made from fermented grains
  • Kvass: There are numerous ways to make it but we suggest starting with the beet kvass version
  • Fermented Vegetable Juice: Drink the liquid produced when making sauerkraut, cultured carrots and other fermented vegetables
  • Lacto-fermented Sodas: Many options available including Blueberry, Rhubarb and Ginger Ale
  • Sweet Potato Fly: A spicy lacto-fermented beverage
  • Kefir Eggnog: Not just for holidays! Eggnog is a delcious year-round beverage
Kombucha Tea


Greek Yogurt     

2. Culture up your snacks

Keeping probiotic snacks around is easy and delicious with so many wonderful options available. Here are a few to get you started:


3. Sneak in those side dishes

Make your side dishes count by including naturally fermented vegetables and sourdough bread with your meals.  A few recipes:

   Lacto-fermented potato salad
Lacto-fermented Mayonnaise   

4. Don't forget to the condiments!

Keep cultured condiments in your refrigerator for a quick and easy way to add a probiotic dose to any meal!

5. Dessert anyone?

Even dessert can have a cultured element!  For example, sourdough starter can be used to make more than bread.  Sourdough cookies and cakes are a delicious way to finish the day.  If you're looking for a cooler treat, try kefir ice cream or frozen yogurt:

  Kefir Ice Cream 

Five Ways to Eat More Cultured Foods