Filmjolk Yogurt Starter

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Filmjolk Yogurt Starter

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Our filmjölk (fil mjölk) yogurt starter contains live active bacteria and cultures at room temperature on the counter: no yogurt maker required! One packet of filmjölk yogurt starter can be used to make unlimited amounts of homemade yogurt as it can be serial cultured: a small amount of filmjölk yogurt from the current batch is then reserved to inoculate the next batch of homemade yogurt. With care, our filmjölk yogurt culture can be used to make homemade yogurt indefinitely. No more having to continually buy yogurt starter!

  • Mild cheese-like flavor (rather than a traditional yogurt taste)
  • Moderately thick yogurt
  • Cultures at 70° to 78°F; no yogurt maker required
  • Reusable culture: with care a little from each batch is used to make the next batch
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Filmjölk is a soft custard yogurt originating in Finland. Generally less sour than yogurt, it makes an excellent substitute for buttermilk in recipes and tends to have a slightly cheesy flavor. It is excellent eaten alone or with fruit, or makes a good addition to smoothies.

How to use Filmjölk Yogurt Starter: As a mesophilic culture, our filmjölk (fil mjölk) yogurt starter cultures at room temperature. To make a batch of homemade yogurt, simply add the yogurt culture to milk, stir, then allow to culture on the counter before placing in the refrigerator. A small amount of the current batch of yogurt is then used to make the next batch and so on.

Customers wishing to use raw milk to make homemade yogurt will need to take additional steps to ensure a pure starter is maintained. Additional instructions for making raw milk yogurt may be found here.

Full instructions for making filmjölk (fil mjölk) yogurt can be found here and will be included with your order.

Using Alternative Milks to Make Filmjölk Yogurt: Filmjölk yogurt starter may be used with alternative milks (soy, coconut, etc.) but is unlikely to reculture beyond the first few generations. Therefore we strongly recommend keeping a backup dairy-based culture on hand for making yogurt with alternative milks. It can be used with goat milk, although due to the nature of goat milk the resulting yogurt may be significantly less thick than yogurt made with whole cow milk. We do not recommend using UHT (a.k.a. ultra-pasteurized) milk when working with any starter culture.

Ingredients: Organic milk, lactic bacteria (Lactococcus lactis and Leuconostoc mesenteroides).

Produced or packaged in a facility that also manufactures products made with wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, and fish.

Due to recent changes in manufacturing processes, the weight of the item that appears in the photo will differ from the actual weight of the item received.

Shipping Information: Our filmjölk yogurt starter is shipped in a barrier-sealed packet as a freeze-dried yogurt culture in a dairy carrier. Please keep it in a cool dry place until you are ready to make your first batch of homemade yogurt. We ship enough yogurt culture to make two batches of yogurt starter. We recommend that you reserve the second packet in the refrigerator or freezer to use as a back-up.  

Detailed culturing instructions will be included with your order and can also be found here.


Questions on Filmjolk Yogurt Starter

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  • From Meagan at 11/26/11 10:12 PM
    • Are we able to freeze our mesophillic yogurts? I have too much raw milk on hand and need to use it up soon. I was hoping to be able to make large batches of my Filmjolk to freeze for later use. Perhaps make some yummy fruit flavored frozen yogurt?
    • Yogurt can make great frozen desserts, or you can freeze it in small quantities (like ice cube trays) to use in smoothies. Some people do freeze yogurt to store for later use in culturing, but we recommend frozen yogurt be used within a couple of weeks for reculturing purposes. If you are using raw milk with a mesophilic culture, you would need to maintain a mother culture using sterilized milk for reculturing rather than reculturing the yogurt made with unheated raw milk.
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  • From Newbie at 5/4/12 3:09 AM
    • I read the directions for making this, but it did not say if the temperature of the milk at the beginning is important. Obviously, when I get storebought milk it is cold and it's stored in the fridge. Do I stir the starter directly into the cold milk and just let it naturally warm to room temperature as it sits, or do I warm it to room termperature before starting?
    • Although room temp might make it easier to fully incorporate the culture into the milk, cold milk works just fine.
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  • From Michael Smith at 5/16/12 12:29 AM
    • Is there a website that you may know of that would provide some instruction on how to maintain a mother culture over a long period of time? That would be great.

      I used to live in Sweden and the taste of filmjölk is very distinct and its consistency is unlike any other related product. Fil as it is commonly called is one of my favorite dairy products! Thanks for providing such great products at your online store. This is great and I'm incredibly excited that this is now available in one way of another in the United States. I'm so happy I just want to explode with filmjölk!!!
    • The instructions that come with our Filmjolk culture show you how you can, with care, maintain the mother culture for an indefinite period of time. We're glad you enjoy this unique yogurt!
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  • From Adam at 6/27/12 10:44 PM
    • Can Filmjolk be used to successfully ferment vegetables?
    • The whey from filmjolk should be fine for fermenting vegetables. Just use it like any other whey.
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  • From Adam at 7/17/12 2:41 AM
    • If I live in a colder area (60F), will my culture start and maintain itself fine at the colder room temperature?
    • The ideal temperature for culturing mesophilic starters is between 70 and 78 degrees. Below 65 degrees, the culture is likely to remain dormant, with little or no culturing occurring.
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  • From beth at 11/13/13 11:09 PM
    • I have been buying filmjolk ready to drink at the store and the label lists ten different strains of live cultures. I noticed that this lists only two? So will I get the same results with this?
    • We do not test our cultures for the exact strains, but the two listed are what you can generally expect. We cannot comment on our filmjolk having a similar effect on you as what you are used to with the store filmjolk, as that is best answered by a medical or nutritional professional who knows you best.
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  • From Jannike at 11/16/13 8:13 PM
    • From the picture it looks like this is a 16 ounce (one pound) packet. How much do you need to make a batch of filmjolk? How long will the remaining powder last?
    • The package is 0.16 oz. (4.5 grams), not 16 oz. The entire packet is used to culture 1 quart of milk; two packets are included in each box. You then use a portion of the finished yogurt to culture the next batch. Once activated and with care, this culture is reusable indefinitely.
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  • From Chris at 4/1/14 8:41 AM
    • I have seen Filmjolk compared to Icelandic Skyr, which is made with skim milk, as are some of the store brand Filmjolks. Will this culture work in skim milk, and will it be reusable in the long run to make new batches?
    • Skim milk will generally result in a thinner yogurt but the culture is reusable in milk from whole to non-fat..
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  • From Teresa at 4/22/14 7:55 AM
    • Can I freeze the mother culture so that I only need to make a new one every few weeks, or would this hurt the culture?
    • A portion of the mother culture can be frozen for up to a few weeks. Because the bacteria will degrade over time, we recommend freezing 3 to 4 times the amount you will require to make a new batch and limiting freezing to no more than a few weeks. Thaw frozen mother culture before using. It may be necessary to use more mother culture than normal after being frozen for more than a week.
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Customer Reviews

my kids love this yogurt Review by ania
Easy to make, very mild comparing to kefir. (Posted on December 24, 2013)
Variety of uses Review by Dan
The unique properties of this yogurt allow it to be used for many purposes other than just a plain yogurt. It seems to prefer the cooler side of temps and is great as a buttermilk substitute or just drank as is (all you have to do is shake it up in it's jar). It makes an incredible sour cream when cultured into heavy whipping cream. Take your cream, salt it to taste, culture it and let it finish, incredible result similar to the heavy Mexican Vera Cruz style - super ropey texture almost like honey after being stirred. You will never buy sour cream again after trying this one. (Posted on February 15, 2013)
Good Product, but.. Review by freelancer
This is a good kind of fermented product to try a few times. I have tried Villi, FilmJolk, Piima, and of course Kefir as well. In the end, simple Thermophilic Yogurt beats all these products hands down over the long term. (Posted on May 16, 2012)
my favorite mesophilic yogurt Review by
Of all the mesophilic (can make at room temp) yogurts, this is by far my favorite . Very versatile , great in smoothies, to cook with, as a salad dressing base and makes great yogurt cheese. The subtle cheese-like flavor really gives the flavor more character without being overwhelming or undesirable . So easy to make and maintain too ! (Posted on March 29, 2012)
The very best yogurt Review by swedishsweetie
This summer I remembered my Swedish grandmother making filbunk (sp) in a bowl on her cupboard when I was a child. I have been making filmjolk since I found this website. Although it is quite different than my grandmother's yogurt, it is delicious. My sister and her children now eat quantities of it as well. It is so easy to make. This winter I have found that putting the jars, covered with 2 towels, on baking sheet on my cable box for approximately 22 hours makes the finest yogurt I have ever made. I heartily recommend it to anyone. (Posted on January 17, 2012)
Wonderful Filmjolk Review by JollyJen
Filmjolk is delicious and exceptionally easy to make. It has a mild, ever so slightly tangy flavor and a lovely delicate texture, which my children appreciate. I use filmjolk every day. It's great for homemade muesli. It is very nice with some fruits, nuts, maple or honey, and I've even been able to use filmjolk with some jam or lingonberry preserves as a dessert for my children. I have a nice dessert trick for filmjolk. I mix a little coconut oil with an equal amount honey. When you pour cold filmjolk on this, it will harden the mixture. Then, you can break the mixture apart with a fork, making lovely honey chips in the filmjolk. I highly recommend this product. (Posted on May 5, 2011)
Now a Staple In My Kitchen Review by Tracebooks
I really agonized which cultures to try first. My youngest loves yogurt and was eating a large container of it each week all by herself. I was buying large ones because individual servings weren't very cost-effective with as much as she was eating. She was 5 when this was the case.

Last summer, I got some fil mjolk culture here. It cultured easily, and even though it was not the same as the Greek yogurt she'd been eating, she loved it! It's a bit like drinkable yogurt. She started drinking around a quart of it a day, all by herself! I usually put honey in it or berries, or a little flavored stevia drops.

Mid-summer, my fridge died, and I lost my starter culture. My older daughter, 11, cleaned up the kitchen afterwards and I thought I'd lost my powdered culture as well.

We tried piima and fiili for my younger daughter, but she really wasn't very enthusiastic about them.

Last week, when looking through some rarely-used cannisters, I found the other half of the dried powder starter! Tonight I'm starting the pure starter. My 6-year-old is looking forward to having her fil mjolk again by this time tomorrow. Had our fridge not died, I'm sure the original pure starter would still be going strong. (Posted on March 22, 2011)
Love this starter! Review by Carriek
Super easy to make, perfect for smoothies, separates easily into whey. Tart, refreshing flavor. I've had this culture going for almost a year now, with no change in flavor or consistency. (Posted on March 16, 2011)
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