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Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker

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Enjoy your favorite flavor, made fresh at home with little fuss and preparation. The entire process takes between 6 to 10 hours. The yogurt maker includes seven 6-ounce glass jars with bpa-free plastic lids so you can make a different flavor in each! Timer on the side marks time when yogurt will be finished cooking. The unit has on/off switch and light indicating unit is working.

  • Prepares yogurt in 6-10 hours, depending on thickness desired
  • Prepares all-natural, rich and creamy yogurt
  • Allows you to control sweetness, ingredients, fat content, and thickness of yogurt
  • Make up to 42 ounces of yogurt
  • Timer on the side marks time when yogurt will be finished cooking
  • Clear lid allows for viewing of cooking process
  • Seven 6oz glass containers with bpa-free plastic lids.
  • Comes with on/off switch and light indicating unit is working
  • Lids for glass containers provide airtight storage in the refrigerator
  • Glass Jars are dishwasher safe
  • Model YM80
  • Three-year warranty
  • 13 watts

This yogurt maker can be used with the following Cultures for Health yogurt starters:

Questions on Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker

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  • From Gianna at 6/18/2014 9:45 AM
    • Can I use non-dairy milk alternatives such as almond or coconut milk?
    • This yogurt maker can be used to culture yogurt using dairy or non-dairy milk. Thickeners are required to get a yogurt like consistency when using non-dairy milks.
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  • From suzi at 4/8/2014 9:29 PM
    • can you use regular ball 8 oz jars instead of the 6 oz jars provided? would the ball jars work when using the extra tier? as I have read that the jars are an issue when cleaning
    • Regular canning jars will not fit in this yogurt maker. Using a bottle brush is a great way to get the jars clean.
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  • From Mirian at 3/28/2014 9:20 AM
    • Can this yogurt maker be used to make vegan yogurts such as almond mild yogurt or coconut milk yogurt?
    • Yes, this yogurt maker can be used to make any thermophilic yogurt, like our Vegan Yogurt Starter, Bulgarian, Greek, Mild or Traditional Yogurt Starters.
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  • From Bonnie Rush at 12/8/2013 8:30 AM
    • I'm a total newbie looking to make small. continual amounts of kefir. Does this machine lend itself to that?
    • This machine would be too hot for making kefir. Yogurt makers run at about 110ºF, while kefir should be cultured at 68-85ºF. The higher temperature would kill the grains.
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  • From Lara at 9/28/2013 8:35 AM
    • Can I use a Single Bowl, instead of the individual Glass Jars, if I choose? Any suggestions for what bowl to use?
    • It is possible to use a single bowl with this yogurt maker, however, the yogurt maker may not maintain the temperature properly. Since the yogurt maker is designed to maintain proper temperature with the individual jars, we cannot determine what the final result would be. We do not have a recommendation of what bowl to use.
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  • From Isabelle at 6/17/2013 8:26 PM
    • Is the yogurt marker BPA Free?
      Thank you!
    • Yes, the yogurt maker is BPA free.
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  • From Natalie at 3/5/2013 8:16 AM
  • From Sherry at 1/26/2013 2:09 PM
    • Do you have to use all seven jars, want to make more with two jars stlll left as to not have a day without my yogurt.
    • For best results, fill unused jars with heated water and run the yogurt maker as directed.
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  • From olga at 8/9/2012 10:05 PM
    • Can I use euro cuisine machine for kefir mushroom? O used it once and get farmer cheese. :)
    • The Euro-Cuisine is designed to maintain a temperature of 110° F. This is way too hot for Milk Kefir, which does best with a range between 68°F and 85°F.
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  • From Elizabeth at 5/13/2012 10:16 PM
    • Do I have to use all the jars at one time or can I make just one?

      Thank you

    • You should be able to fill just one jar in your yogurt maker with milk and culture. To maintain temperature, you may need to fill the other jars with heated water.
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Customer Reviews

I love my yogurt machine Review by Teresa

I tried making yogurt with my dehydrator and failed miserably. Then I tried the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker and loved it. It is small, easy to store, stays out of the way, easy to use and does just what it is suppose to. Every week I learn better techniques to fine tune my yogurt. The jars are perfect for me. One jar, a little fruit and off I go. I am not having trouble with cleaning. After I empty my yogurt into a cup, I add my fruit, fill my jar with water and after breakfast the jars come clean easily.

(Posted on 4/20/2015)

Works Great....Easy to use Review by Lee

Saves the time in the morning from dishing out yogurt to take for lunches great size glass jars!

(Posted on 2/3/2015)

Great Yogurt Maker! Review by Michelle

I did not purchase this yogurt maker from this website, but got it through Amazon. Wherever you purchase it from, it is a terrific little yogurt maker that is simple to use and keeps a pretty constant temperature for your yogurt while the culture grows. I highly recommend it, even though it's a little pricey. The timer is great, so you don't have to "babysit" your yogurt and watch the clock. You can just check it several hours into the process to see if it's done or not.

(Posted on 1/6/2015)

Exactly as it should be Review by Lee

Works well....love the size of the jars......

(Posted on 1/5/2015)

Convenient and useful Review by Rox

I have only used this product once but I was happy with the results. At first I wasn't sure about the size of the small containers but now I find them perfectly right. They are individual servings perfect for breakfast or as a snack. I also like the top clear cover, however I worry that the plastic is very light and easy to break. In general this product works well. It's simple and convenient as I don't have to worry when the yogurt is done.

(Posted on 9/29/2014)

Temp too high Review by Naia

I purchased this item along with the Bulgarian culture a little over one year ago. It worked great at first but after about 10 months I noticed the culture in all the jars was not setting (liquid milk after 5 hours). Never all the jars; only one or two each batch. When I measured the temperature it was 140 degrees; far too high for yogurt.

Cultures for Health replaced the yogurt maker. However, I am having the same problem with the new unit right out of the box 140 degrees! I have tried putting a cloth under the jars and leaving the lid off but I am still getting a few bad jar per batch. Usually the middle jar.

The jars are also not well designed and very difficult to clean. There is a ridge at the bottom which yogurt gets stuck in and is difficult to get out even with my very small hands. The lids don't seal very well either; so it you plan on putting a jar in your lunch box, it will leak.

I do not recommend the maker.

Response from CFH: It is imperative yogurt makers be tested to see what temperature it runs at. We stand behind our products, and will replace all defective units. We appreciate your time for the feedback.

(Posted on 3/28/2014)

Reminder: turn on the Yogurt-maker! Review by Donna

Well, I was delighted and excited when I got the yogurt-maker! I decided to try Dark Chocolate Almond milk first. I heated, added the agar, stirred then added the culture. Poured into the jars and placed them into the maker. Then went to bed. When I got up, the stuff was still liquid...then I realized I never turned on the switch! The second batch was soy milk and well *two thumbs up* from then on!

(Posted on 2/5/2014)

Works well enough Review by Caroline

I bought this to make soy yogurt. Everything works fine. I liked the idea of the individual servings, but cleaning those glass jars is a real challenge. I have to soak them in liquid dishwasher detergent to get the yogurt residue out of the bottom rim of the jars. Other than that, I am pleased with the maker.

(Posted on 1/26/2014)

Jars are hard to get completely clean Review by Jim

The unit itself is OK and easy to use, but whoever made the glass jars made a big boo boo. The inside bottom of the jars is of poor design, and not rounded for easy cleaning. Instead there is a tiny crevice where the bottom of the jar and the side meet, totally unnecessary, and it traps yogurt and is very hard to get clean, even with a wash cloth. I found the only way to get it cleaned is with a special bottle brush with stiff bristles that will eventually get inside the crevice and remove the previous residue.

Aside from the jar design, everything else works fine. I would recommend another product unless you like trying to scrub jars.

(Posted on 12/23/2013)

Really like it, can use larger container Review by BadCat

We got this model 3 months ago and really like it. It produces entirely consistent results.No more messing with hit-or-miss culturing methods.
Set a dial for how many hours, push the dial in and it will shut off automatically, a feature not all incubators have.

The little jars (included) are glass--not plastic.. Hand wash the lids for longer life. They hold less than I like. I like bigger batches. We found a short Pyrex brand glass storage container that fits perfectly! It is 7" wide at the top, and 3 1/2 inches tall. Perfect fit.

I highly recommend buying one (or more) of the yogurt starter cultures from Cultures for Health. We use the Greek yogurt and love it. You can culture with your favorite store-brought, live culture-containing yogurts, but those can't propagate and the taste changes. The heirloom cultures will go indefinitely, and taste great.

I am incredibly glad we got this.

BTW... some of the directions I have seen say that you can put fruits in before culturing. For safety's sake, please don't, just add it before refrigerating/eating.

(Posted on 12/1/2013)

perfect Review by Mollie

I am diabetic so I use Half and Half, with no sugar. Use ball mason 2 cup jars fit the cuisine machine perfectly. I use 2 and it makes the best yogurt. I put 6 tablespoons of plain store bought yogurt in the h & h and shake it cold in the quart of h & h,pour it in the 2 cup mason jars and put it for 13 hours in the 110 degree cuisine yogurt maker and I have the best yogurt. I don't have to make greek out of it because it is creamy. I do not heat it to 200 degrees, I just put it in cold. I tried goats,almond,etc and this turns out the best. Try it you'll love it.

(Posted on 3/13/2013)

Great machine Review by DaleZy

I found it at a thrift store, for $8, totally usued. Why they got rid of it I'll never know, but I'm happy. Perfect yogurt in 8 hours!

(Posted on 3/10/2012)

Flexible with Jar Size Review by Mari

What I like about this yogurt maker is that I do not have to use little jars. I can use three quart jars by setting the plastic dome over the jars and then wrapping the whole thing with a couple of terry towels and or baby blankets. To make even more or use an assortment of odd size jars, I set a large slightly warmed enamel cast iron frying pan on top of the base and proceed as above. I usually incubate the yogurt about 24 hours but can take a jar or two out earlier if I want to.

(Posted on 2/13/2012)

Great appliance! Review by Mikki

I tested it several times and it does exactly what it says; doesn't heat the yogurt over 110. Great product and easy to use!

(Posted on 5/26/2011)

Great yogurt machine! Review by lindisue

I love this yogurt maker! I've tried other yogurt makers, sometimes the yogurt would set and other times it wouldn't. I've made yogurt several times with this machine and it's been perfect every time and my family loves it! I love that it's so easy to make, and I can have the piece of mind that they're getting the best! I also love the individual jars, they are the perfect size so there's never any waste, and it's easy to see when I need to start another batch!

(Posted on 3/22/2011)

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