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"Awesome Little Helper!"

My house is not very well climate controlled since it is over 100 years old and not modernized! This stick on thermometer allows me to monitor my fermenting foods at a glance. The price is right too! I will be ordering more.

- Dianna

Stick-On Thermometer Strip

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Whether you are fermenting vegetables, culturing milk kefir, or making kombucha, temperature is an important factor in home fermenting. A few degrees can be the difference between perfectly thickened milk kefir and kefir resembles plain milk. If you want to keep an eye on the temperature of your cultures with minimal effort, this stick-on thermometer does just the trick. Just stick it to your culturing container and watch the colors change with the temperature. 

  • Measures in both Fahrenheit and Celcius | Range: 58° - 88°F (14° - 31°C)
  • Instant Response - Continuous Readout | No batteries or glass - Non Toxic
  • Material: Adhesive Tape: Double-Coated Adhesive Tape | Covering Film: Polyester 5 mil stock | Color Change Material: Non toxic mixture of liquid crystal esters
  • Shelf Life: 12 months when stored at room temperature. Can last up to several years if stored and used in proper conditions such as being stored at room temp, kept away from UV light, and not exposed to moisture and solvents.
  • Accuracy: - 30 to 59°C ±1°C | 60 to 89°C ±2°C | 90 to 120°C ±3°C | 75µ


How Digi-Temp Thermometers Work:

  • These thermometers consist of a series of temperature-sensitive elements containing microencapsulated Thermochromic Liquid Crystal (TLC).
  • As a specific temperature is reached, each element distinctly changes color.
  • The TLC strips are calibrated so that the indicator that shows green indicates the actual temperature.
  • If no temperature is highlighted in green the temperature is outside the range of the thermometer.


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7 Reviews For "Stick-On Thermometer Strip"

  1. Awesome Little Helper!

    by Dianna on 12 Thu,2016


    My house is not very well climate controlled since it is over 100 years old and not modernized! This stick on thermometer allows me to monitor my fermenting foods at a glance. The price is right too! I will be ordering more.

  2. Convenient, accurate & CAN be reused

    by Carol on 01 Tue,2017


    This little thermometer is accurate (also put a "regular" thermometer next to the glass jar just to test it) and can be reused if you use a removeable clear tape on the top and bottom of the tape (leave the self stick backing on). I found it very helpful and it didn't keep falling over like the test thermometer.

  3. great product

    by ela on 03 Sun,2017


    These work great for my kombucha and water kefir!

  4. Very handy!

    by Rebecca on 04 Thu,2017


    Perfect little helper and easy for my seven year-old to use when he helps make batches of our "soda." Unfortunately, I lost my first one and had to replace it, but fortunately it's very inexpensive. Very handy!

  5. Great!

    by Malicek on 05 Mon,2017


    A tad small to read but not bad at all.

  6. good

    by scott on 05 Tue,2017


    Good product works well on jar

  7. Works fine. Not Reusable.

    by maduke on 12 Fri,2016


    Seems to work fine. Not easily reusable as far as I can tell so I won't be buying more. Much better value to get a digital laser thermometer from Harbor Freight that can be reused forever.

    Response from CFH: Correct, this is not reusable in the sense you can pull it off and re-adhere it to a new surface. It can be re-used several times just being on the same container if you are careful when rinsing and washing.

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  • From Em at 11/19/2016 9:14 PM
    • Is the thermometer reusable? On what surfaces can it be applied to?
    • The thermometer can used repeatedly on the same container. The number of uses will vary depending on how many times the container is cleaned and how warm the water gets, as well as its exposure to UV light. We do not recommend detaching it to be reused on another container. Any container with a smooth surface should work.
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