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It's only now, at age 58, that I have discovered about water and milk kefir and its benefits. Thank you so much for the information you are putting in your website. You are a help to humanity. More power to you! Roli

Wow, how generous and what great information!!!! I think I already see my problem making kefir and I have only read while downloading the ebooks. THANK YOU very much! I can't wait to read more. Sincerely, Jane

Thanks. You guys are awesome! I'm new to this site, but I already did a live chat, which was great. Got my question answered almost immediately! Wish me luck on my first Kombucha!  Vickie

Greetings! I am absolutely DELIGHTED that I found you!!!!!!  I purchased kefir grains the other day and will most definitely be purchasing some cheese making items in the very near future!  Your website, tutorials and YouTube videos are AMAZING!  Thank you so much!!!!  Best, Robyn, CA

Too many (good) recipes, so little time! I have a hard time keeping up! LOVE THEM!! Donna, MA

Recently I had a question and got onto your chat, 'Let's Talk!' section and was connected instantly. I chatted with a person by the name of Anita, I think that was her name, anyway, she was AWESOME!!!! I really am so darn grateful for all this wonderful information that this site shares. I am trying all sorts of your methods as we belong to a local CSA and have vegetables pouring out of the fridge. I hate to waste anything...Thank you so very much! Jay

The comment about how wonderful you are, the fantastic practical knowledge concerning wellness and nutrient enriched food prepared at home is wonderful! All things I have ordered have been perfect for what I wanted to accomplish. You will receive requests in a few weeks about cheese ideas! Now, I am in the midst of summer and tending to vegetables, excalibur dehydrator, yogurt, kefir, goat milk, fermenting carrots etc. Love, Sew, New York

Thank you Sarah. You guys are the bees knees! Kelly, Roswell, New Mexico

Thanks for your fast reply. It’s among the best customer support I’ve ever encountered. Congratulations and thanks, David, Quebec, Canada

Just wanted to say that, as one new to fermentation, your website is wonderful. I'll be buying something soon, as well. Thanks! Marianna

I've found you just over 2 weeks ago when I was looking for information on making water kefir. I've read a lot of info on your site and just wanted to say that it's amazing! I am since making the kefir and I'm already experiencing some great results from the good bacteria. Just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate all the information that you collected and made available for free. Thank you! Veronika

I just want to give you all a Big shout OUT! You all are Great and I love your customer service AND Product!  Keep up the good work. I will be having workshops in my home on how to ferment veggies and will be sending clients your way. I know they will be satisfied!  Thank you again. Maria, California

Excellent! I will say, of all the various subscriptions that I have signed up for over the years (intentionally or otherwise) I love your emails the best and aspire to so many of the healthy and tasty suggestions (but as yet only implement a few) in them. Thanks :) Jacque


Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness in sharing with us your knowledge and offering these free e-books. I'm looking forward to my first batch of fermented veggie :-)  Michelle


EEEEEEEUmmy! I am so wowed by this web site and blog. I hope you continue to grow. I tell folks about you at work. This is one of the richest places on the web. Thanks so much. Great customer service too. Have a nice week. Alice


I just want to leave a testimonial.  Gus is a rescue dog that after the first three months of constant digestive issues, was almost returned.  I thought i'd give it one last effort and started to give him high amounts of yougart in his diet.  Within 48 hours he was a new, healthy, loving companion.  Had it not been for this product he might have been put down. Also you have the best customer service ever. Nance, Illinois


I just started making cheese last year and the whole cultures thing is very confusing.  I just found your website today and have already learned more about cultures than I did all last year. Janice


Thank you so much for your amazing customer service! I appreciate your answers to my many questions! Erin, Wa

A comment, not a question: You folks are awesome!Your staff are so helpful. Both your web page and your Facebook profile are so very well set up! And I'm not even a customer of yours yet... the operative word there being "yet".  looking around your web site I see several things I'd like to look into, making cheese for an example. I'm about to start a lecture tour regarding the dangers of GMO's and will also be talking about the benifits of probiotics. Cultures for Health will be where I will be directing those interested in the Probiotics aspect to for further information!! Charles


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