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My partner and I absolutely LOVE your web site.  I just signed up a couple of days ago.  We bought a SCOBY!  I'll probably write again if I have questions but this is just an initial email to say THANKS for the AWESOME E-BOOKS and we LOVE YOU!  Happy Health!  Lisa and James

I’d never ever even tried tempeh and didn’t know what to expect, but I’m all for trying something new!  I fried up slices of my barley tempeh in coconut oil…and it was so good! My next batch will be wild rice!  Or maybe barley and wild rice.  Many adventures lie ahead! Your company does an excellent job of educating and this purchase experience was totally awesome.  The price was fair, the shipping went well…well done! Thanks again!  Scott

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the Cultures for Health team! I placed my order just two days ago and already received my dried Kombucha starter culture in the mail. Super fast shipping..thank you! And also a big thank you to the customer support team, Eve I believe, who granted my after the fact question of honoring a 10% off coupon code discount. Thank you! I really look forward to brewing my Kombucha :)) Kelly


Thank you so much. I'm still amazed at how wonderful you all are. I have never interacted with more helpful and pleasant people in my life :) Irena


Thanks for all the recipes you give us!!  Vicki‚Äč

You have a great customer service! Thanks for taking care and listening to the problems I had with the cultures/grain. Great customer service is very seldom these days- you might hear this a lot that you are doing a great job! Thanks again and have a wonderful day. Marion 


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your website and your free ebooks.  We are missionaries in Hong Kong & Africa and we are teaching people these principles to better their health.  It is so much easier to be able to navigate a website and actually have free information available that is useful.  Thank you again for your info.  Dawne


They [products] have arrived and once again I thank you very much. Just to let you know - I tell everyone how helpful and great you have been. Su


Sharon Kane, gluten-free sourdough baker, introduced me to Cultures for Health.
Sharon Kane is top drawer! Cultures for Health is stellar, top drawer, exceeding a
plus ten, if a scale of 1-10 is a gauge for measurement. The items purchased from
the products displayed are of superb quality and include directions. The explanations
and the questions most frequently asked, if not available with the instructions, are
a phone call away, or comments via email! 100% success! Also, information
is generously and respectfully shared. Word of mouth, food for thought, how to
learn. Ways and Methods to create Wellness! Susan

Thank you for your wonderful customer support. I have received my cultures, right on time. I am very happy with my order; now let's see how the yogurt comes out! Many thanks. Wilka, NY

I just received amazing support from Jerri. Customer Service has almost died in America but not with your business. Thank you and thank Jerri for me as well. Troy


Thank you for the wonderful products. We just love the yogurt we've been making! My 10-month-old daughter loves it with a touch of mashed fruits. . . and I love she's getting all those good probiotics!  Shawna

I have been so impressed with your customer service!  Julie

Thank you SO much for the time in describing the details for me. Your response and your kind encouragement lifts up my spirit even though it sometimes feels like a uphill climb for us to find safe, and now, real foods for our family.  Felicia

Thank you very much for your fast and successful support. I just placed my order. If your products are as good as your service, I am a happy customer.  Anna

Thank you so much for your great customer service! I will be sure to tell my friends about your website. Amy

I am excited to give my friend the package from you. I am certain there are many times you go out of your way to be kind; please know that this time will for sure be appreciated.  Jill

Thank you so much, you are soooooo kind. I love Cultures for Health! If I wasn’t already a loyal customer, your courtesy just made me one. I’d pay a little extra for something to a business like Cultures for Health with your kind service.  Sheri

You really handled my issue so completely. It is rare to get customer service that is so aimed at customer happiness! I am so happy!  Dawn

Yesterday I spoke with a woman in customer service regarding my Viili yogurt starter. I was experiencing some trouble with my yogurt starter and the lady I spoke with was knowledgeable and helpful. The customer service I received was excellent; you have a new client for life! Thank you!  Serenity

Thank you for all the info on this website - it's fabulous and I can't wait to explore some other cultures!  Flora

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