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I've placed my order and so excited to try brown rice sourdough!  The coupon worked fine.  Thank you so much for taking me through the process, I seemed to require a lot of your time and I do appreciate your responsiveness.  I'm glad I didn't just "fade away", and I learned a lesson... to reach out for customer support when things aren't going well with a product.  In the past many companies haven't been as responsive to inquiries or issues and I tend not to bother (or return to the company). Customer for life,  Shawna, TX

Just a quick note. I've just got my 3rd kefir culture started and it is by far the most vigorous. The second culture I kept going for over 9 months but it sort of petered out, finally shrinking down to a small thing. My wife calls my kefir my "kitchen pet." It definitely is a living thing. Anyway, I've been very satisfied and just wanted to say thanks. Leland, Missouri

Hello! I just wanted to say thank you! I started fermenting milk for kefir with your cultures. I used to do kombucha and we've had a sourdough starter going for many years. But your website, encouragement and products have brought my fermenting to a new level. I feel empowered, informed, and healthier making my own foods and learning about their history, formation, and benefits. It is so much fun making mistakes that become delicious kefir cream cheese! Now I over-ferment on purpose! And, I am saving a lot of money. Really though more importantly, I feel so empowered to understand my food and how it is made. I feel like the information you are providing on your site and the services couldn't have come at a better time. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you. Sometimes it's nice to know that you are making a difference in peoples lives - and it's easy to never communicate to people your appreciation! So here it is! Thanks again and keep up the good work! Charlotte, California

Your Website is very enjoyable. Really like it. Plus the fact that I have studied this stuff for a long time but haven't gotten to buy like this all in one place. Emir, Georgia

Thank you for being helpful when I've asked questions. I get the sense you are more than a business...that you really want people to learn about and get healthy with cultured food, I just wanted to say thanks. Susan, Wisconsin

Your gluten free Sourdough Whole Grain Boule recipe is fantastic.  I haven't enjoyed bread so much in years!  Thank you. Lisa, Mendocino, California

I just wanted to send an update on how the sourdough is going.  It has been great!  I've set it up in the oven and it is bubbling furiously!  I have already made sourdough pancakes and pizza crust, and I am baking my first loaf of bread right now.  Thank you for all your help and I can't wait to buy more cultures from you (I'm anxiously awaiting my kefir grains)! Victoria Kurtz, New Hope, PA 

My experience with Cultures for Health began with an online recommendation for their professionalism and quality of product.  I ordered a Camaldoli Culture during the holiday season and was surprised at how quick they shipped the product.  The starter was well packaged, and all the online videos were very resourceful making me happy with my choice to go with Cultures for Health.  I made the mistake of placing my culture on the Base Board heater instead of near it and the internal temps of the starter reached 107 degrees Fahrenheit after an hour.  I contacted cultures for health at 3.40, the morning of New Year's Eve, asking for guidance.  I had a personal response by 8am....I recommend Cultures for Health to anyone.  Christian, Spanaway, Washington

I just wanted to say thank you ALL for providing excellent support and teaching so many us of about cultured food and everything else. With your help, I now am making WONDERFUL vegan yogurt, cultured veggies and many other things. I hope you have even more success in 2015. Susan, Utah


Thank you. The link worked and I was able to download the fantastic eBooks. I am really excited about trying these different cultures. How amazing that the books are for free. Thank you so much. Kind regards, Jan, New Zealand

Hello, I have found both your sites to be so informative and accurate. So many sites I've researched are simply trying to make a buck. I love your recipes. I cannot express enough how happy I am to have found you! Keep up the fantastic work. I was on the SCD for about 6 months and am on the first 30 days of AIP. All your recipes are adaptable for both. You have literally snapped me out of a slump from feeling that I can't eat anything. Now I'm making kefir, water and milk, yogurt, sour kraut and kombucha. Ginger beer is next. I feel great. Thank you so much. Michelle

Thank you very much. Love your site. Can't wait to make all these wonderful healthy goodies. Best wishes, Linda, Arkansas 


Hello, You have been so helpful to me with your website. I want to thank you for all you do.  Thank-you, Susan

Just wanted to share OUR success Jerri.  I did about 8 cups of milk with the grains and it was perfectly the best so far.  I am very excited now.  I have to admit I was bummed a little thinking this was as best it could be.  I was so wrong.   Thickness was totally there and tart sour was there and it was delicious.  I timed it exactly 24 hrs and checked it on the hr every other hour from 20 hrs til 24.  I felt like I was checking on new born puppies. Lol. So I wanted to share with you.   Im sold and I said OUR success because you were with me every step of the way reassuring me and encouraging me to keep going.  Because of you I didnt quit.  So thank you for everything.  Please forward this to a higher up or let me know how I can bless you and share what a wonderful job you did with me.  My belly and my heart thank you with everything in me.  You definitely poured into me heart and soul.  Much love and God bless you and your family and cultures for health.  Thank you tons and tons Jerri.  Sincerely, Rocky, TN


Thanks, so happy you are in business - May God bless you always. Faye, Louisiana

Great website! Thanks, your website works like everyone's should. Thomas

You don't hear much from me, BUT . . .  I LOVE reading your stuff and dreaming. Being in my eighties, working full-time saps me a bit. My plan is to start taking off a few days. I can't wait to try some (or all) of your latest recipes. Thank you, dear lady, for sharing.  Glen, Springfield, MO

Hi, I read your ebooks over the weekend and wanted to thank-you for the exceptional quality of the content and the way you presented it. I look forward to supporting you in whatever ways I am able because of your willingness to give so freely of yourself. 
Thank-you for your kindness. Best wishes for your continued success. Sincerely, Richard, Atlanta

I just want to say that this is one of the nicest and easy to use websites I've been to in a long time. congrats! Francis

THANK YOU!! For the info on sourdough! YOUR site is answering questions that I have had as I have been "playing " baking whenever I can as I have been caregiving my husband . Baking when I can, but intermittently so my skills and knowledge have been there and then on hold/lost. Your site with all the info is fabulous! Dorothy



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