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Cultured Snacks

If you are a parent then you know that dreaded between meal question: “What can I have to eat?” Or maybe it’s your own belly that starts rumbling just a couple of hours after a meal.

Either way, you may want to think about eating some cultured snack foods for those couple hundred calories in between instead of the standard bag of chips or granola bar. Cultured foods will aid digestion, fill you up with wholesome grains in sourdough, and keep you going until that next meal.

Thankfully there are many easy and quick snacks that you can grab on-the-go or serve up in a cute presentation to your children. In fact, many of the snack foods we might eat already can be turned into delicious, nutritious cultured versions.

Sourdough Bread and Butter or Nut Butter

Because of the fermentation process, whole grain sourdough bread can be easier to digest than commercial yeast breads. Spread with cultured butter or nut butter for a quick and tasty snack.

Yogurt or Kefir and Fruit

You see cups of store-bought yogurt all over the place these days. Unfortunately, most of those cups contains loads of sugar and may not even have any live beneficial bacteria due to the way in which they are processed. Fill a small container with a cup of homemade yogurt or kefir and add some fresh fruit. A handful of nuts and a drizzle of honey will turn your quick snack into a healthy indulgence.

Cheese and Crackers

This age-old favorite can be made with two very cultured foods: sourdough crackers and cultured cheese. You could even combine the two into cheesy sourdough crackers if you wish!

Vegetables and Dip

One of the snacks often touted as healthy is raw vegetables and dip. The vegetables, obviously, are a good idea, but unfortunately many dips are made with highly processed vegetable oils, chemicals, and sugars.

We recommend a fresh, wholesome dip made from cultured dairy like this kefir ranch dip for your next carrot stick or cucumber slice dip.


If it’s just a couple hundred calories you need then a quick smoothie is a great option. Use a base of yogurt or kefir for your smoothie and then add in fresh fruit, nut butters, or even cocoa powder or cinnamon. Here are a couple of combinations to get you started:

  • Yogurt, banana, peanut butter
  • Kefir, raspberry, peach
  • 1/2 kefir, 1/2 raw milk, ice, vanilla extract, cocoa powder

Chips and Cultured Salsa

Got the munchies for something salty and crunchy? Try tortilla chips with cultured salsa for a spicy probiotic punch.

Of course if you’re looking for a quick drink to go along with your snack try kombucha or water kefir for a carbonated refreshing beverage.



Sourdough Bread with Peanut Butter

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