The Cultured Fridge

What people keep in their refrigerator says a lot about them. What they eat is the obvious detail you might learn about them, but there are other attributes of a person you might learn.

For instance you may be able to tell how they spend their time. Maybe they are a super busy person who spends most of their time away from home and you find loads of quick foods. Or, perhaps they spend Saturday mornings at the Farmer’s market and have a huge stash of fresh vegetables.

You might also be able to find out about a person’s food and living philosophies depending on the type of foods in their refrigerator. Or maybe they have some food-based hobbies and you see some homemade cheese wheels or home-brewed beer stashed away in there.

Or, perhaps you have someone who is deeply interested in cultured foods. They love the flavors, textures, benefits, or natural process involved in cultured foods. And whenever you look into their refrigerator you find those foods that were traditionally cultured made new again.

In this refrigerator you would find many of the modern foods that the standard American diet includes, only they will be full of life and history in the form of cultured foods.


Instead of commercially produced dairy products the cultured fridge might contain the following:


Any refrigerator you peek into will have a whole door filled with various condiments. From sauces to dressings and more - these can all be made cultured.


Whereas some pantries might be stocked full of canned vegetables, the cultured refrigerator takes an enzyme-rich alternative: the lacto-fermented vegetable. Amongst these naturally preserved foods you may find:


Bread and other baked grain dishes are usually not kept in the refrigerator. What you might find in the cultured refrigerator, however, is sourdough starter.

Sourdough can be kept in the refrigerator for a week at a time without a feeding so that maintenance does not have to be a daily chore.

Likewise, any sweets or treats found in the cultured fridge might be made from a traditional sourdough recipe and sweetened with natural sweeteners.

All of these foods can be made easily and simply at home so that you can keep your refrigerator stocked with the most basic and delicious of cultured foods. Having these on hand can make throwing together healthy meals even easier.




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