Cultured Finger Foods

Many people are attempting to consume cultured foods every chance they get, including in between meals. Two of the biggest challenges to this goal are getting your children to eat them and eating them on the go.

For these two little pickles (pun intended) you might want to consider the following cultured finger foods:

Sourdough Crackers

Salty, crunchy, buttery, and delicious; sourdough crackers will become a staple in your finger food repertoire. Children love them and when made from a sourdough starter they are a better option than a box of chemical-laden commercially produced crackers.

Try whole wheat sourdough crackers, cheesy garlic sourdough crackers, or pizza-flavored whole wheat sourdough crackers.  


Olives are an old-school traditionally cured food. Olives must be cured to extract the very bitter flavor that would render them otherwise inedible. Adding olives to your cultured finger food selection will give you some lovely mono-unsaturated fats and a bit of filling protein as well.

Try this tutorial if you’re up for the easy but long process of home-curing green olives.

Carrot Sticks

Lacto-fermented carrot sticks are one of the easiest ferments to make. Simply cut whole carrots into long sticks, place in jars, add seasonings, and cover in a brine. Try these lacto-fermented dilly carrot sticks or these cultured curry carrot sticks.

Green Beans

With their long, thin shape and protein-heavy nature, lacto-fermented green beans make a tangy and delicious addition to your collection of cultured finger foods.

Try these lacto-fermented dilly beans or use the curry spices as above in curry carrot sticks for something a bit different.

Kosher Dill Pickles

Every child and adult’s favorite and most familiar cultured vegetable, cucumber pickles, should be on your list for finger foods. Larger pickling cucumbers, about 3 inches in length, made into these delicious kosher dill pickles are the perfect accompaniment to those sourdough crackers and raw cheese slices.

Cheese Slices

For an extra protein boost on your finger food tray add some raw cultured cheese slices. These babies go great with the tang of cultured vegetables and the crunch of sourdough crackers. No finger food platter is complete without them.

Children will love these finger foods when presented with other finger foods such as fresh fruit and nuts. A lacto-fermented carrot stick, a few crackers and cheese, and fruits or nuts will give them everything they need for a fun, cultured meal.

You can pack some carrot sticks or cultured green beans in a container to take on-the-go with you. Or throw a bag of crackers in your cooler with some cheese slices and olives to munch on with that takeout sandwich you are feeling guilty over.

Either way, these finger foods will be a hit (and a help) to children and adults alike.



Sliced Cheese

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