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Cultured Dairy & Basic Cheese eBook

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Author: Wardeh Harmon

What Is Cultured Dairy?

When you culture milk, you make it better! The creamy milk of healthy pastured animals is already rich with fat-soluble vitamins, probiotics, and healthy fats. That’s fantastic on its own. But culturing it with beneficial organisms causes an explosion of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. A win-win.

Take milk or cream and allow a mother culture — beneficial organisms that are good for your gut — to proliferate, spreading their probiotic goodness throughout the milk or cream. That is cultured dairy at its most basic level.

Not Just Yogurt

Cultured dairy is so much more than yogurt. Much more. Cultured dairy foods can include sour cream and creme fraiche, buttermilk, cultured butter, clabbered milk, yogurt, and kefir, cottage cheese, feta cheese, fresh cheese, queso fresco cheese, cheddar cheese, and more!

When made right, they contain vitamins, enzymes, and active cultures — conveying benefits to your gut, your immune system, and your digestion.

You can’t buy many of these true cultured dairy foods in most grocery stores. A grocery store item might have some flavor (still not as good as homemade, though) but none of the beneficial organisms, no helpful enzymes, and few vitamins. You see, most grocery store cultured dairy foods and cheeses are dead and their flavors fake. They contain additives, thickeners, and sugar. They’re no good.

Want To Make These The Right Way?

You’re in the right place. You — yes, you — can make your own cultured and healthy sour cream, butter, yogurt, and cheese. I’ll show you how!

My family has been enjoying our own cultured dairy foods for a few years. We started with the goat milk from our own small herd of Nubian goats, and then we moved on to using the milk of our family Jersey cow, Gracie. I’d love to teach you all that I’ve learned and enjoyed about homemade cultured dairy and cheese.

Think you need to have your own dairy cow or access to raw milk to use this eBook? You don’t! You can use store-bought milk, too, and I’ll help you figure out your best choice.

Simple, Easy, Delicious

The “Cultured Dairy and Basic Cheese” eBook offers simple lessons and tasty, nutritious recipes for sour cream, yogurt, many cheeses and more. This is the companion eBook to our popular and life-changing Cultured Dairy and Basic Cheese class of GNOWFGLINS eCourse. In 18 lessons, we help you master culturing dairy at home!

Cultured Dairy and Basic Cheese eBook Lessons and Topics

  • About Cultured Dairy and Cheesemaking
  • Sour Cream and Whole Milk Buttermilk
  • Cultured Butter and Buttermilk
  • Traditional Yogurt
  • Clabbered Milk and Cheese
  • Just-Like-The-Store Yogurt*
  • Beyond Kefir: Kefir, Kefir Cream, Kefir Ice Cream, Kefir Cheese, and Kefir Cheese Balls
  • Ricotta* and Soft Cheese
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Feta Cheese
  • Middle Eastern Fresh Cheese
  • Queso Fresco Cheese
  • Fresh Cheddar Cheese
  • Traditional Mozarella Cheese*
  • Propagating Mother Cultures
  • Bonus! Waxing Cheese
  • Bonus! Cultured, Flavored Cream Cheese
  • Bonus! Molding Soft Cheese
  • Appendix 1: Dairy Kefir (from Fundamentals eCourse)
  • Appendix 2: Soft Cheese (from Fundamentals eCourse)

*Not raw.


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