Cotton Bag for Making Cheese

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Make delicious soft cheeses including Labneh (yogurt cheese), Chevre, Fromage Blanc, Cream Cheese and more with this cotton bag. 

12" x 12" Cotton Bag with Cotton Drawstrings

Care Instructions: Before each use, soak the bag in boiling water.  After each use, wash in warm water and air dry.  Do not use any chemical or detergent on the bag.

Click here for instructions for making Lebneh (yogurt cheese).

Click here for instructions for making Chevre (soft goat cheese).

Questions on Cotton Bag for Making Cheese

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  • From Dimitri at 11/30/13 8:15 AM
    • Can this bag be used to make Greek yogurt?
    • Yes, this bag may be used to strain whey from yogurt to make a Greek-style thicker yogurt.
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  • From Tal at 5/10/13 3:20 AM
    • Will this bag hold a 1 gallon batch of fromage blanc?
    • Yes, it will hold a batch of cheese made with 1 gallon of milk.
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  • From AlexO at 4/26/13 5:54 PM
  • From jeffga at 9/11/12 2:40 PM
    • What are the dimensions of the bag, and the amount of liquid volume it will hold? Seems like a great idea but I can't tell anything about how large the bag is from your description, so naturally I'm concerned it may be very small, in which case I'd have to order several.
    • The bag is 12 inches by 12 inches.
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Customer Reviews

Excellent for making whey Review by Dennis
Excellent for making whey from Kefir (Posted on April 21, 2014)
A must have need to make cheese Review by SY
Not good by itself.
Must use in combination with the Butter Muslin for perfection. Very Strong and good filtration. No sign of weakness yet. (Posted on April 2, 2014)
Necessary to filter kefir whey from curd... Review by SY
Excellent use, perfect fit for the bag i bought from this web, and good thing I bought it.

I didn't know this was necessary. (Posted on March 13, 2014)
I use this for making my kefir whey, and cream cheese. It's the perfect size. I can put a half gallon...or less...into the bag and hang it over a glass bowl to drain. It's clean and easy. You boil it before and then rinse it and boil it to clean it when you are finished. Then hang dry and store!
Just what I needed~! (Posted on February 20, 2014)
perfect Review by Valerie
At first I thought the bag was to small but I fit my homemade cream cheese made with 1 gallon of milk perfectly!! It's very thick and didn't leak!! I.thought the ties would break when I hung it up for draining but that didn't happen. Very good product!!! (Posted on December 25, 2013)
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