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Camembert Cheese Starter Kit

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Camembert Cheese Making Starter Kit

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Make delicious Camembert at home with this starter kit. Contains ingredients and supplies to make over 20 175g Camembert cheeses.

This Camembert Ingredient Kit Contains:

  • Butter muslin (1 yard)
  • Camembert cheese molds (2)
  • Camembert cheese wrap
  • Flora Danica Starter Culture (3 packets)
  • Penicillium Camemberti mold spores (3 packets)
  • Liquid Vegetarian rennet (2 oz.)
  • Cheese salt (1 lb./450g.)
  • Sterilizing solution
  • Kit instructions and recipe booklet

Click here to read about Cheese Storage and Aging.

Questions on Camembert Cheese Starter Kit

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  • From Robyn at 2/12/2014 9:19 PM
    • How much milk is used to make one of the twenty cheeses. I am looking to do a cost analysis and see if this is worth my time - apart from the fact I just want to make cheese cause it looks like so much fun!
    • Each recipe starts with 1/2 gallon of milk and will make about 6 ounces of cheese.
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  • From Mary at 1/23/2014 1:59 PM
    • What are the mesure off the kit box?
    • The box measures 12.5x 6.25x 6.5​ inches.
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  • From Jill at 12/17/2013 12:56 AM
    • Are any of the items reusable or would I need to buy another kit to make more cheese?
    • The butter muslin and Camembert cheese molds are reusable. The remaining items are sufficient to make more than 20 175g Camembert cheeses, but will have to be repurchased.
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  • From Kristine at 12/1/2013 10:44 PM
    • Is this kit also for making Brie?
    • Yes, you could make Brie using this kit.
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  • From Suzanne at 8/15/2013 1:50 PM
    • What type of milk is recommended for this kit? Would raw milk work?
    • You may use raw or pasteurized however, we do not recommend ultra pasteurized (UP or UHT) milk for cheese making.
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  • From Cheryl at 4/4/2013 5:06 PM
    • How many pounds will the 3 packets make?
    • The kit makes approximately 20 x 0.4 lb cheeses
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  • From Jennifer at 10/28/2012 12:07 PM
    • How long must Camembert be aged before it is ready?
    • The Camembert should be aged for a minimum of 3-6 weeks before it is ready, depending on the recipe.
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  • From Megan at 7/10/2012 1:23 PM
    • Hi

      I am very much looking forward to making camembert, but have not made cheese before. Does the camembert require any cheese-making equipment beyond what is included in the camembert kit?

      Many thanks!
    • This kit comes with everything you need to make the cheese besides the milk! :)
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