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Real Food Fundamentals e-Book

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Desperate for simple instructions on soaking grains, cooking beans, sprouting, sourdough, natural fermentation, cultured dairy, simple cheesemaking and more?

Good news — we can help!

Now Available — the companion eBook to our popular and life-changing Fundamentals class of GNOWFGLINS eCourse. In 14 lessons, we help you make your kitchen healthy, one task at a time, one week at a time.

    “I am so thankful you are striving to make these things understandable to those of us who are new to all this!” –Holly D.

    “I am learning things that I know will help my children. We can teach them how to use food the way God intended for us to. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! This course is extremely timely, and, to be frank, an answer to prayer” — Mary K.

    “You’ve shown me that what I thought was a healthy way of eating could be stepped up a notch. OK, a few notches.” –Wendy N.

What’s in the Real Food Fundamentals eBook?

  • All 14 print versions of the lessons in the popular Fundamentals class of GNOWFGLINS eCourse.
  • Complete ingredient and equipment lists.
  • Ingredient and equipment notes.
  • Suggested schedule.
  • The what, why and how of each topic.
  • Fact Sheets that summarize all important points of a topic or technique.
  • Comprehensive FAQs documents, born of forum questions and answers.
  • Links to recipes and more information to help you take it all further.
  • Lifetime updates — we’ll email you any time we update the eBook so you can download a fresh copy.
  • Approximately 180 pages.

Wondering if this book contains all the Fundamentals lessons from GNOWFGLINS eCourse? In other words, can you skip the online component? Yes, you can. Our printed materials are always more in-depth than our videos.

Now, there’s something to be said for watching someone demonstrate a technique, and you’re always welcome to enroll in the online class. But, the bottom line is: yes, you can use this book on its own.


Who’s this book for?

  • those who don’t want to take an online class.
  • those who can do without videos, and prefer to learn by reading.
  • homeschooling families who are looking for a practical, healthy, cooking curriculum.
  • those on dial-up internet who would like to take our classes, but can’t due to bandwidth limitations.
  • those who want the convenience of downloading all Fundamentals class PDFs in one fell swoop.

In other words… everyone!

Look what you’ll learn!

This eBook isn’t called “Fundamentals” for nothing. I carefully selected the basic skills in it, and I believe every healthy cook should know how to do them. They each have a purpose in the nutrient-dense diet that keeps us feeling, looking, and doing our best for God and others. Here are the lessons — exactly the same lessons that are taught in the online component.

   1. The GNOWFGLINS Foundation
   2. Soaking Whole Grains, Nuts and Seeds
   3. Soaked Whole-Grain Flour Baked Goods I
   4. Soaked Whole-Grain Flour Baked Goods II
   5. Soaking and Cooking Dry Beans
   6. Sprouting Beans
   7. Cooking Chicken and Making Chicken Stock
   8. Skillet Dishes — A Dinner Formula
   9. Natural Soda — Water Kefir
  10. Dairy Kefir
  11. Soft, Spreadable Cheese
  12. Sourdough Bread
  13. Sprouting Whole Grains and Baking with Sprouted Flour
  14. Natural Pickled Foods


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  • From Julie at 12/21/2011 10:52 AM
    • How many pages is this ebook?
    • 180 wonderful pages :)
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  • From Marti Meyer at 12/21/2011 6:37 AM
    • As a guestimate, if this were a book, how many pages would it have?
    • This book would be 180 pages if printed.
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