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Grolsch Flip-top Bottles, 500 ml (Case of 12)

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This amber flip-top bottle is perfect for bottling your kombucha tea or water kefir with some fruit juice - this allows the carbonation to increase, creating a delicious, healthy, and fizzy probiotic beverage for your whole family to enjoy!

  • 500ml (16.9 oz) amber-colored glass bottle with flip-top (Grolsch-style) stopper system made of metal, polymer, and plastic. 
  • Swing cap design on the flip-top creates an immediate airtight seal
  • Bottle Dimensions: 2.75 inches diameter x 10 inches tall
  • Case of 12
  • Lids included (additional replacement lids sold separately)

How to Use Grolsch Flip-top Bottles: 

Browse our expert-advice articles on bottling and flavoring kombucha tea and water kefir to learn how to use these grolsch flip-top bottles.


Grolsch Flip-top Bottles Safety Notes:

When using the bottles for any product that will be under pressure (water kefir, kombucha, beer, lacto-fermented soda, etc.) be sure to check the bottle for cracks prior to each use as cracks will weaken the integrity of the bottle. We also recommend "burping" the bottles periodically to relieve excess pressure.

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Customer Reviews

Excellent Bottles...They Work So Well!!! Review by Patti

I rec'd my 12 lovely bottles today and I simply adore them!!! They are going to make bottling my water kefir and kombucha so much easier now (and they are so pretty!!!!)! I've already sanitized them and filled 6 of them with my latest batch of water kefir and 2 of them with my latest available kombucha that is ready. I've placed all 8 bottles in the fridge (since the beverages already went through their secondary fermentation in other bottles before my new, pretty Grolsch bottles arrived). I'm making a new batch of kombucha tonight in my continuous brewer and am looking forward to using my new Grolsch bottles for my kombucha secondary fermentation next week! In Brewing Heaven!!!! I highly recommend these bottles! :)

(Posted on 11/4/2015)

Love the Grolsch flip-top bottles Review by Summerrain

I love having these bottles to store my water kefir in.

(Posted on 11/1/2015)

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