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5 Easy Gifts For Children To Make


  Relaxing Bath Salts   Rainbow Bath Fizzies   Lavender Hops Bubble Bath   Basic Sugar and Salt Body Scrub   Cleansing Facial Grains  
DIY Gift Guide

Children love the feeling of accomplishment when they participate in gift making. The following recipes are safe and fun, involving mixing, scooping and measuring but no stovetop heating. Friends and family are sure to appreciate these sweet, handmade presents.


Safety Information: Some of these recipes contain optional essential oils. Take care to read these essential oil safety guidelines before using essential oils around children.



1. Relaxing Bath Salts

Relaxing Bath Salts

This is one of the easiest gifts for children to make. Smaller children will greatly enjoy the scooping while older children can hone their measuring skills. Pair with a nice set of towels or other DIY bath and spa items for the bath loving adults in their lives.


2. Rainbow Bath Fizzies

Rainbow Bath Fizzies

With these colorful and curiosity-provoking fizzies, children will be eager to make and test them. Fun to create and dye various colors, this is a perfect project for older kids and teens, or for younger children with a little assistance.


3. Lavender Hops Bubble Bath

Lavender Hops Bubble Bath

Here is one gift kids can really relate to and get excited about making. It makes a fun gift for siblings, friends or cousins, and their parents will appreciate the calming qualities of lavender and hops to help their little ones unwind before bed. Pair with bath toys, loofahs, or hooded towels for kid-friendly gift baskets.


4. Basic Sugar and Salt Body Scrub

Basic Sugar and Salt Body Scrub

This sweet recipe is a favorite among most children, and for obvious reason. It is fun to measure and taste test the ingredients. To distract little sweet tooths from the main ingredient, offer a fun variety of dried botanicals to choose from and customize each jar, such as rosemary, chamomile, rose buds and petals


5. Cleansing Facial Grains

Cleansing Facial Grains

Using a mortar and pestle instead of a grinder in this recipe is an excellent way for kids to involve their tactile senses in the process. This recipe does include a few drops of mild essential oils, which should be supervised or added by an adult. Pair with other homemade facial care products or DIY cosmetics for a thoughtful, facial themed basket.


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